Camouflaged Sneakers

Hi there lovely people, hope all is going great with you guys, after my first post which definitely was an introductory post, I decided to give things a little pause for just a couple of days, well in our day to day life fashion plays a very important role in many ways, we all somehow live by our own rules of fashion, but the one main rule of fashion is definitely “comfort” , Comfort somehow uplifts not only your outfit but even your mood and your attitude, following trends blindly has never really been my forte, because frankly most of our fashion sense whether it’s fabrics, styles, motifs, are reflected from our past, either it becomes repetitive or rather it becomes a new aged expression of the same old style, which often gets represented as re-invented style ,

Today the style/ print I’ll be focusing on is “Camouflage print” or rather “ Universally Camouflage Pattern” popularly known as “ Camo Print” which has been around forever, but this season it made an amazing comeback and again has to be added as a must have wardrobe staple style, I for once love this print in this “Classic Cargo pants style” which I went ahead and paired it with a similar colour cropped sweatshirt, and chunky sneaker,

Sneakers has somehow played a very important part in our wardrobe essentials and we all at some point have worn them for different activity reasons, but about a year ago Sneakers were introduced to the fashion world as a must have wardrobe style staple which was not really only limited for activity purpose, “ do you guys remember the times your’ll had to go to work wearing some nice pair of heels and carry a nice pair of comfy sneaker with you just so that you could save yourself from the burden of walking till the subway or rather getting a cab ? I am sure we all have been there” but last year these sneakers and specially grandpa sneakers took the center stage, with Balenciaga, Gucci and Louis Vuitton introducing their version of these sneakers as a everyday wear, all the girls finally decided to jump on this trend bandwagon as soon as possible ,

I for once have been a sneaker lover for ages, for me whether it’s Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Puma or Fila have been an absolute favourite , they have helped me save my feet from all the pain, and here again I have paired my favourite Adidas sneakers with this look , which I got months ago , it’s nice, comfortable and totally a statement piece, it’s like you just paid for comfort and style all at once,

You can style the same look in various ways you want, it’s your everyday rescue look, it serves you comfort , style as well as grace, I would totally pair these cargo pants with white or black or even beige t-shirt or sweatshirt, or a nice casual top , and the sneaker again is your everyday style staple which you wouldn’t regret, so ya the most important rule of style and fashion gets covered here “ You can carry off anything, as long as, it’s your size and you are comfortable with it, attitude and style comes from your own self and comfort”

  • Outfit details :
  • Camouflage Cargo Pants from : Zara
  • Cropped Sweatshirt: Zara
  • Sneakers : Adidas Originals
  • Sunglasses : Ray Ban
  • Polka Dot Print Socks : H&M

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