Monochrome Chic

Hi there lovely beautiful people, hope your’ll are doing well, well life has been hectic, as usual, for me personally I prefer calm and quite environment although the political scenarios lately have been making things quite chaotic , and disturbing,

I’ll be sharing more about those issues later, coming back to the post here, Monochrome style has been around for ages, and it’s quite classic and adds an understated grace to it, specially the white and black combination is one classy combination that almost everyone wears on at least any given occasion, with men’s fashion its almost the most important tried and tested style whether its their business suits or casuals, and its also a combination of Law and Order, its what lawyers have to wear on their job, so yes given its history and impact definitely its one of the most over used combinations by the fashion fraternity, and has always been shown in different ways,

Another element in this look is feather, feather or feather-accented dress, gowns or tops have been around forever, and there is no doubt they will always be used and its one element that isn’t going anywhere, I decided to pair this feathered top, with a sleeveless open suit blazer and added a nice broad belt, that accentuated the look and also adds a nice sharpness to this look and paired this combination with a white trouser to turn it into a nice classic, elegant and stylish look at the same time, and of-course the black and gold elements also add a good touch to the look !

I would describe this look as comfort-chic , considering its easy and has the right sharpness to it that you can bring to any outfit, it also tones down the feather effect that sort of adds drama to the look, and its a great look for an evening soirée, you can also style this exact same look in different ways adding your own elements to it !

Hope you like the outfit, Let me know your views in the comment section of the blog, and stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

  • Outfit details :
  • Top- Zara
  • Sleeveless Open Blazer : Zara ( really old collection, but you can find it easily even now or you can check a different brand )
  • Belt : Zara
  • Trouser : Zara
  • Bag : Love Moschino
  • Earring : Mia by Tanishq
  • Rings : My Very Own (designed and made by me)

P.S : I style these looks my self along with the glam( hair and make up) , and These looks are from my Very own Personal Wardrobe and Not Sponsored !

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