Merry Christmas !

Christmas somehow at some point in our life has always played an important part, it’s the season of joy and merriness, love, life and hope, Jesus‘s birthday each year fills us with lots of hope and love, its a season of cheerfulness, and of-course the season of the shining star

For me personally Christmas has played a very important role in adding up to my happiness, its my favourite festival of the year, I love the vibe of Christmas, as a child I used to participate in Christmas plays in school and frankly I loved the entire vibe of it, since I attended a catholic school, Christmas Celebrations were an absolute must each year, ever since I was young we would get a Christmas tree, and till I was 10 years old I thought “Santa” is real, since my mom and dad use to play secret Santa for me, sometime leaving gifts under my pillow or rather leaving them under the Christmas tree, so it’s been really special,

Though I am not a child anymore, I have been following the Christmas celebration all my life, its almost a ritual in its own self, where we celebrate Jesus birthday and exchange gifts, I love playing secret Santa so their year was no different, we got a Christmas tree and decorated it and layed out some nice Christmas snacks, an intimate celebration of love, light and happiness,

So here’s wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas, and A Happy New Year , have a fantastic Christmas and lots of love and happiness to you and your family ! 🎄🦌🌟✨💫

P.S ( here I am posing with my beloved NADO (Labrador retriever ) , TIA ( Siberian Husky ) and my sweet little boy SNOWY ( Persian cat ) and you might not believe this but they were very excited to be a part of this photo-op ☺️

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