Grey !

Well it’s a new year, so wish you all a very happy new year, have a fabulous one, hope you all enjoyed your New Year’s Eve and Christmas holidays too, I decided to post this post as my first new year post, since somehow people always forget to find a balance between their positives and negatives in life, we all somehow live grey shades life, the black and white seems more difficult than usual, since the interpretation of grey it self is relentless balance between the white and the black, when you mix these two colours you achieve the colour grey, no one in this world wants to be a grey shaded personality, which means the shades of negative, and even then we somehow land ourselves in the balance of these two, the Chinese symbol Yin and Yang also represent the balance between the good and the bad, where “white” stand for good and “ black” stand for bad, they also represent the male and female elements of a human nature, Yin stand for black and feminine and Yang stands for white and masculine, well as we can debate here and argue on how this would be discrimination this somehow shows that how these two side in order to maintain the balance need to stay aligned and together,

Yin stands for black or the dark side and is associated with negative, hard, cold, wet and feminine, whereas Yang stands for white or the light side is associated with things soft, positive, warm , dry or masculine somehow this description itself contradicts itself, but again it’s about finding the “ balance” the masculine needs the feminine in order to remain soft, positive and warm and the feminine requires the masculine in order to have some reality in the form of negative outlook with a hard hand on the two, so here it explains the idea of the balance in between the two,

So how does it adds up to grey ? Well because if these two somehow mix positive then they are positive but if they are mix negatively they are negative, we are in reality our thoughts and our approach to things, people speak of negative and positive energy without realising that a negative attitude cannot get a positive result and even the most positive human being can have a negative thought, its all “ Being Human” we somehow refuse to see the blurred lines and pull apart people on the basis of their flaws,

So it’s best to avoid Grey, But it’s also important to recognise the positive grey or the negative grey, no one in this world is perfect, compassion is what binds us, the black and white may not be a mix of colours, but they are from where it all starts, they are synonymous to our existence and no matter what we have to embrace its reality and hope for a brighter tomorrow, hope is all we have and in the chaos it’s important to find the calm !

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