One T-shirt Two Ways

Basic T-shirt’s are a wardrobe staple for many , frankly we girls love the idea of gowns and dresses, but when it comes to T-shirt it’s our everyday buddy, something we rely on for everyday wear, a T-shirt comes to our rescue at times when we didn’t even think about it? All girls love the idea of a basic T-shirt , or a baggy T-shirt, you can even style a T-shirt in different ways !

Here I personally styled this T-shirt in two different ways, the first one I decided to tuck it in and add a choker for a evening effect since I was suppose to later go out for dinner, so here this look went from day to night, and was comfortable and classy at the same time,

The Make-Up for this first look was also simple and not too much since as I mentioned it was a day to night outfit style, and I personally love make-up but Still prefer less application and a light look !

The second look I decided to wear this T-shirt in its own baggy style and paired it with a pair of leather pants for a slight but not too much of grunge look with a nice pair of bling sneakers, frankly this is how can you add a dramatic touch and almost a rock chick vibe to your everyday wear, it’s effortless and stylish,

For the second look I decided to keep the make up and bit too strong and highlighted, so even the lipstick I choose was a bit bright,

Outfit Details :

First look

  • T-shirt : H&M
  • Denims: Zara
  • Choker: Very old from Forever New
  • Pink kitten heels: Zara

Second look

  • T-shirt : H&M
  • Leather pants : Zara
  • Sneakers : Dune London

P.S well because of continuous festivities And then New Years I haven’t been able to post much, since I was travelling, I was in Jaipur for the New Years and I have a lot more content to post in the coming weeks so stay posted, and I hope you have a great week ahead and you have liked this post, please feel to share your feedback in the comments !

P.S Listen up ladies if your T-shirt doesn’t wrinkle up on the go, then your T-shirt isn’t a T-shirt,well some fabrics are meant to be wrinkly in nature, no matter how many times you iron it,when you drive a self driven car,and you are a women who is out and about, your T-shirt will get wrinkly, unless you are royalty of-course, so be proud of your everyday life, so this is why a T-shirt always comes to rescue, you can read more about this on my blog !

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