Pajamas “Night” Suit Style

Well hi there again, so I didn’t really post anything after the T-shirt story, well to be honest this post is pending for about 2 weeks, so this is actually a late Christmas pajama story….., well frankly holidays can particularly be very stressful, with all the celebrations, preparations and deadlines to meet somehow even catching a breath starts seeming like a task in it own self,

So well where festivals are concerned they are almost ritualistic and traditional in ways that cannot be explained, so frankly we are all here for traditions, hence we make sure to follow the festival traditions as they are meant to be followed, Though I am a bit non- conventional in nature, so I do like to make my own traditions

One Christmas tradition that is followed in most part of the worlds are the “ Christmas PJ’s traditions” well tartan print becomes one celebrated print of the day along with a “ Christmas ugly” but a traditional sweater to go along, for me this year I decided to give them a little twist of my own, with replacing tartan print with animal print silk pajamas that I purchased some months ago from H&M India, it caught on with me immediately,

What girl doesn’t love a comfy pair of pajamas ? Right ? Like its almost an Everyday tradition that all girls follow, and frankly everyone in general goes for comfy clothing with its comes to lounge feels, lounge wear doesn’t really get picked for its looks in fact its always chosen for its comfort,

P.S this post was written before New Years, but with all the work and travelling I did not get enough time to publish it, I also have a lot of content ready which I’ll be posting in the coming days, so stay posted, and hope you enjoy this post and like it too !

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