Jaipur :Pink City

Well hello there….how have you been ? I hope your’ll have been well and fine and having a great time, well I just got back from another holiday about a month back, hahahaha no no I don’t keep holidaying all the time, actually this time for my birthday I decided to travel North India, particularly Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, what made me do it ? Well I wanted to bring in my birthday in a nice clam and peaceful environment, and the fresh air, up high in the mountains and the calmness of the snow caped mountain was just the thing, I was sure that this year my birthday it will be more about quality time with my family, I will be sharing my experience on my birthday trip too but a little later, I did the same for New Years, For New Years I was in Jaipur India’s pink city, it was truly amazing, this was totally a last minute plan, and it all worked out well,

Well so I arrived in Jaipur in the end of December, after Christmas, and well then the temperature was 8degree, well for a mumbai resident this temperature counts as unbearable, but still I loved the peace and clam, Jaipur as a city is quite busy even in the winters, considering it’s in North India, I didn’t expect it to be so busy and full of traffic, but may be because it was holiday season that is why it was so crowded, I have travelled to Jaipur before but only for work purpose, considering Jaipur has India’s largest precious stone market, to a jewellery designer such as myself it comes a lot useful, the “karigaars” as in makers of jewellery also you’ll find the best one’s there, they are famous for their gems, jewellery and handicraft work, but this time my trip to Jaipur was more as a tourist and less as a work professional, I wanted to see the palaces, architecture and the city life of Jaipur, and I wasn’t disappointed,

After arriving in Jaipur, I met with my driver, who took us to our hotel, it took a good 30 mins drive to get there, and since our hotel is located in the city itself this was less time then it would take to other places, we finally arrived at our hotel the TAJ JAI MAHAL PALACE , a true palace dream of sorts, as soon as you enter you are blown out with the structure of the hotel, to the well maintained lawn area, and the serene clam of the environment, well as soon as I got down from my car, we were welcomed in the traditional Indian styled with a royal touch, the doorman carried a huge umbrella and Walked some steps along with us, frankly to a very practical person such as myself it was a bit much, because I don’t consider myself that entitled, but that’s how they welcome royals and well since you are their guest you are royals to them, so I would totally give them points for their traditional style, we were welcomed with a a traditional tikka ( vermillion on your forehead) as a welcome gesture, followed with some welcome tea, which I didn’t choose to have, because it had taken for ever to get to Jaipur since my fight was delayed,

Well So after a warm welcome, they escorted us to our beautiful room, it was a room with a garden view, the entrance had vintage vibe to it, and as soon as I entered it was pleasant nice and quaint, it was peaceful at best, I was there for 4 days and one of those days was going to be the New Year’s Eve and the First day of the year, I thought to myself I couldn’t have picked a better place to celebrate the New Year’s Eve and start a new year ,Soon after a shower I decided to roam around the city and explore it and bit, I straight away headed to the the Patrika Gate, Jaipur city in itself has several different gates, because the Jaipur heritage is build on the basis of the royal families of Rajasthan , frankly it’s just a Gate in the middle of the city where tourist go to click pictures and locals to just chill with their family’s and friends, its famous for its hand work paintings and design structure which frankly makes it very popular and the most instagrammable spot in Jaipur !

At the Patrika Gate I chose to wear a nice jumpsuit with my pink leather biker jacket, since I was tired with a long journey, it was the best choice because it was comfortable, I wanted my outfit to be practical yet according to the weather, frankly I didn’t want to overdo it, and with an entire day travelling i kept my comfort in mind, I absolutely loved the PATRIKA GATE structure and was blown out as to how well maintained it actually was, well I believe i am an individual who isn’t as easily impressed, so I am totally telling you I was truly impressed, by it and loved every bit of it ,

After Patrika Gate I decided to visit GALTA JI TEMPLE , since it is one of the oldest temple of Jaipur and I wanted to see more rustic architecture, I met a lot of monkeys there hahahahaha I can’t say they have maintained it well, but if you like old school vintage architecture then you can definitely check it out !

Later in the evening I decided to roam around the market and have some local food ( specifically chat) Jaipur is very famous for its Onion Kachori, Dal Kachori, and the two most well known names for these is LAXMI MISHTHAN BHANDAR and RAWAT ( FARSAN)

After having those I left for my hotel, and then realised that it’s only Tea time after a tiring day I ordered some Tea as an in room dining , and around late in the evening I realised about my my dinner reservation, fortunately I didn’t have to find a restaurant reservation outside, since TAJ JAI MAHAL PALACE, itself has three restaurant and since I have tried them all, I must say I loved all three, so I made reservation at the GARDINIA ITALIAN RESTAURANT, And really they didn’t disappoint, since their food was as delicious as promised, the staff was well mannered and courteous, if you follow me on Instagram you must have already seen my food post, but I loved the mushroom soup in truffle oil, and loved the ravioli too, since I am a big ravioli fan, I requested them to make the ravioli in white sauce, since I prefer spinach and ricotta ravioli in white sauce, and it was on point, and then waitress there was kind and courteous, since the white wine I always have They didn’t have that, she suggested me to try something new and a very good Chardonnay white wine which I absolutely loved And enjoyed, the best justice they can do to their service is suggest the best to their guest, and They totally earned some extra points with me and they did full justice with my mothers favourite mushroom risotto, and I am not just praising them for no reason, make sure you visit them if you like good Italian food, you won’t be regretting it,

After dinner I decided to come back and pass out, as I had a fun filled yet tiring jam packed day, and the next day was even more interesting because I was going to see the HAWA MAHAL AND AMBER FORT

I AM GOING TO POST ABOUT IT IN THE NEXT POST, and SPEAK ABOUT IT AND DETAIL AGAIN, so stay posted, and I apologise for the delay, thank you for reading, and if you like it don’t forget to like and subscribe and follow, Thank You !


  • Airport look ( it’s all about being comfortable while travelling)
  • Sweatshirt : KENZO
  • Flared Pants : ZARA
  • Animal Print Scarf : H&M
  • Sneaker : NIKE AIR MAX
  • Camera bag : FURLA BRAVA


  • Printed dress : ZARA SINGAPORE
  • Waist Belt : ZARA INDIA
  • Wristlet Bag : MICHEAL KORS
  • Suede heels : ALDO


  • Navy blue trouser : ZARA
  • Bralet : ZARA
  • Cover up jacket dress : GLOBAL DESI
  • Platform wedges : ALDO


  • Pink leather biker jacket : ONLY INDIA
  • Sneaker : NIKE AIR MAX
  • Wristlet Bag : MICHEAL KORS


  • Black leather Pants : ZARA
  • Turtle neck top : ZARA
  • Sneaker : NIKE AIR MAX INDIA
  • Wristlet Bag : MICHEAL KORS

Night Suit Pyjamas:

  • Satin purple night suit set : LA SENZA
  • Hairband : ZARA

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