Watch it out, I am 29, Single and Proud

So frankly how many times do women get asked about their relationship status, and frankly as women ? I mean after 25 being a single women is a scary thought to people, in its own self, I lost my dad when I was 24 and a half, and ever since that day I have been managing my house, my dads work, and my own too, I in fact took a sabbatical so that I can handle My share of responsibilities, well to be honest I didn’t want to give up on my responsibilities, I don’t think I am doing something special, all women do it, well to be very honest I got ragged, humiliated, shamed, criticized, got duped and always at every point I was remembered each day that I am a “Woman” ,

To be very honest I didn’t care about it much, I am very happy with whatever came my way, because I look at it as a work challenge, you don’t find a man complaining while dealing with people around, so why should I just because I am “ a woman” ?

After always keeping my head up high and taking care of everything for the last 4 years , last year I was reminded that I am 28 and “ Unmarried” may be my need to be an independent women is getting in the way, in order to settle down and specially after losing a father I should hand over my life, my work, my properties and everything to the “ man in my life” ?

I was reminded that now that my dad is not there I won’t be able to stand up for my pride and maintain my self respect, I have to adjust to the society ways ?, after all a man wears the watch and tells the time to the women ? I was also advised to buy gifts for a boy in order to win his affection and stabilise a understanding, all this without even the thought of marriage or an existence of a relationship ? I was asked to remain silent for my own safety when I was threatened just because I refused to do a property deal which I didn’t agree with , because I am a ” woman”, I was told that I won’t get work, and won’t be able to earn money if I speak against the man ? I was told that if I am being harassed I should remain quite because I am a “woman” , I was told to not speak of the issue if I care about my career, I was asked to accept a man in my life just because he is more powerful than me, I was asked to accept a boys bad advances, and after I put it out on Instagram, I was asked to let go of the matter, Every time I wondered why I was being put through all this, I was told it’s because there is ” no man” in my house, I was asked to get married just for my own safety, and listen to what ever the boys family wishes, well I am sure by now your’ll have figured that I didn’t listen, and I stood my ground, I don’t regret it, things aren’t easy for me in my everyday life, I still get harassed, get called names, have been labeled as crazy, get threats, and for my own safety have been asked to stay quite, And since this world deal with always ” an indirect way” all this is said in a “‘indirect, sarcastic way” so that I can’t prove it, so that I get termed ” as an over thinker” or “ difficult” a educated working girl got labeled as ” crazy”, because all we women do is “create men in our imagination, we are always looking for safety, and power from a man, we are always looking for a knight in shining armour, because women are supposed to always get “rescued” , isn’t that the idea we have grown up with in the first place ? What do I do then ? I deal with it like a “Man” would, I give it back, I fight it back, just like all women do, because ” Women are as powerful as a Man” not all women ever get to put out their personal battles, that’s is why we are ” more strong than a man “

I decided to shut the world up and in order To show my self and remind myself of that day everyday I got my self a “ men’s watch” from my favourite everyday wear brand “ Giordano ” ( this isn’t an AD, I love the brand personally and own many watches from the brand) , I wear it each day and it tells me the same time as any man’s watch would do, instead of showering a man with gifts and wining the loyalty of his family I decided to do this for myself, I also got a special gift for my mom on her birthday, I will be talking about that gift later too,

But what is the moral of the story ? Well every women should remember that your independence, your bank balance, your safety shouldn’t be the choice of your relationship, it has to be, “ Only you” because remember your father wouldn’t ever give you to a man that doesn’t value you, I know for the matter of fact my dad wouldn’t, that’s why he raised me to be like that , choose your significant other on basis of understanding, love, emotions, respect, and you will not regret your “ Love”, I haven’t found mine yet, when I do I’ll surely let your’ll know, after all it will be a proud day, to meet a man who in true manner” took my heart away” wouldn’t it ?

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