Stop Shaming Women, Respect Them, Celebrate Each Day As International Women’s Day

When it comes to a women in our society they are ultimately viewed as objects, we have definitely improved where women and their projection is concerned, we have come a long way from our beaten paths, I often say this “ we primarily live in a male dominated society” the idea of having a male around is accustomed to us in a way where it starts feeling more normal, for women their father, brother, friend, and husband are important personal relationships, we don’t view it as our weakness, we somehow look at it as love and our relationship, but for the society it is more of a security to have these male figures around us,

Well to be honest if a women doesn’t have these male figures securing her then does that mean that she somehow become a public property and other men can behave with them the way they want, whether it’s at workplace, whether it’s business, or personal life we are looked upon as a weaker sex, a women gets ahead in life either by being a bitch to a man or with the support of the brave men in her family and around her at least that’s the normal society projection of a women , what makes things worse is that, it’s a society mentality, you can have control over one, but a collective mentality makes in difficult for a women to handle things, frankly that is where the change is required ,

A women gets judged on the streets for what she wears and how she carriers her self, she gets body shamed constantly for her weight, if a women raises a voice she gets bullied in the process, it’s never important what feedback she has in a board room, but what she has worn to work is what makes a difference, for a women that doesn’t have a father around or has lost a father, and doesn’t have a male figure in the projection of brother or husband, has to get used to men guiding her and bossing her around,

We definitely have changed compared to the olden times, but still we have a long way to go, and then to make this worse, women don’t support women, we become difficult, and carry on fights, the ones having a male figure start acting up and viewing independent women as she-wolf and more over powering, single women get viewed as threat or they are criticised by the married women, because they wouldn’t go against their male egoistic husband, many women don’t correct their man in the fear of losing them, in fact we forget that in a relationship if you don’t correct your man it can result in bad outcomes, and somehow that gets projected in various ways , if a man genuinely tries to help a women he gets called out and get called names and the women eventually have to prove a relationship, so what is really the reality of a single women in a male dominated society? Death ?

Well to conclude I would say that If you are a single women in a “ male dominated” society in the year 2020, you don’t need to worry, keep going and don’t worry, nobody but only you can write your story, your strength comes from you, if you can adjust with yourself, and with a society that is always making terms for you, you can do anything without fearing for the judgemental views of the society, you don’t need to compromise on your pride, and dignity, the world will eventually adjust with you !

This women’s Day I would like to personally wish all women a very happy international women’s day, may be we them, may we raise them, may we support them, may we look up to them, may we live in a society that is safe for women, may we understand the need for “ HeforShe” may we build this society on the basis of equality, because after all there is a “ He in a sHe” too, so may the future be bright, I am surely hopeful for the future !

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