Quarantine Denim Blaze

Well hi there, I hope you guys are doing well, in a world where coronavirus is declared as a world pandemic, and people all over the world has taken some self isolation period, quarantine time is also taking a toll on people who are use to their day to day life and work schedule since all offices are closed, while taking the necessary precautions that has been instructed by the WHO,

In such trying time all one can do is use this time as self contemplation time and give some necessary sanity and space to their own self and not get drowned in their negative and overthinking thoughts, people are being advised to be careful of the information they share with everyone, like I read some Instagram accounts totally spreading wrong news and scaring people,

In this self quarantine time I remembered this look I put together last week that could translate well from formal to casual, and i was hoping to post it, I paired a loose denim top with my favourite sleeveless blazer and paired it with black denim, and took my very trusted Micheal Kors wristlet, a look that you can wear to your office, and later even catch up on some coffee with friends or colleagues, or even go for a dinner and still this look will translate well, a look that is smart and causal at the same time, well to be very honest that is exactly what I was looking for and I prefer, I really like oversized clothing my tryst with baggy T-shirt’s and tops is an old one and I some how keep adding such pieces in my wardrobe, since I love comfort wear, but I am also a firm believer that confidence comes from you and the way you carry yourself and if you are comfortable in what you wear, somehow your style will too translate well,

So here’s hoping you enjoy this post and stay positive, and take the necessary precautions needed in this time of world wide health crisis, lots of love and happiness to you and your family, stay safe, stay happy and stay positive, I am sure this too will pass well, and the people who have got it will also heal well, let’s stay positive and happy.

Outfit Details :

  • Denim Top: Zara International
  • Sleevless Blazer : Zara International
  • Black Denim Jeans : Zara International
  • Platform Heels : Aldo Shoes
  • Wristlet (Bag) : Micheal Kors
  • Sunglasses : Emporio Armani

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