Hello Beautiful People !

Hello there ! So how have you guys been ? It’s been a long time indeed, exactly 2 months to clarify, in my last post I spoke about our on going situation while we have been dealing with a global pandemic “ Corona virus”, these last two months have not been easy for the world, while we were at it, the WHO ( WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION ) advised the entire world to get into “ QUARANTINE” in their own house, with offices, malls and basically all operations shut, we had to adapt to a new LIFESTYLE altogether, the cities all over the world and countries one by one went into a complete LOCKDOWN !

I for once obeyed the no posting on the blog policy which I thought would be more healthy move in these trouble times, while people were harassed, mental breakdown, emotional disturbance, definite repeated reminders of “ all will be well” that became a necessity to be given, “Optimism became our most important hope” and “ positivity became a complete lifestyle choice”, of course it wasn’t as easy as it sounds now, there were disputes, mad rage, difference of opinion, crises as to citizen life and also a varied possibility of the displeasure that will “ all ever become normal again ?”

I will be posting about my quarantine diaries too, which became a lifestyle of “ NO MAKEUP AND MESSY HAIR AT HOME” laid back look, doesn’t mean I took off from my work, I did try my level best to let my real-time work take more focus, as “ WORK FROM HOME BECAME AN ALTERNATE REALITY” , ZOOM Meetings were a new way of creating a BOARD ROOOM in the house and turning out living room into a workspace, with decision made only on the basis of conversation over the call, finances to be dealt with utmost trust, and so on……

This global pandemic also hit our overall ECONOMY BAD, while people lost their jobs, companies got shut, suicide attempts, personal dispute, and where MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS took the centre stage, but what was the silver lining of this all then ? Well the idea that we just established that HUMANITY stands above everything and TOGETHER WE CAN ACHIEVE IT ALL, and HOPE IS THE BEST TOOL AT OUR DISPOSAL !

And Finally here is my Take on the Corona Virus Lockdown Quarantine, it pretty much Justifies what the entire world indulged, while working from home, being goofy and playful, trying and watching tutorials, also long distance relationship this time showed up in every non-married couple’s life, the world also realised that we all can become “ master chef” if we just give it a try, and also a new addition tiktok dancing also entered our lives, while I made funny dancing videos, I’ll surely share that too, all in all, this Quarantine taught us, that we might be far away in distance from each other, but TOGETHER WE BRING STRENGTH ! Looking forward to “ Unlock 1” as the government is now starting to restart the entire city step by step so here I am giving a sweet farewell to the “ Quarantine Life” !


And only step out if it’s important or for work or office or a complete NECESSITY, AFTER ALL BABY STEPS WORKS FOR THE BEST !

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog and watch out for more on this space, I am definitely going to be more regular in posting than even regular can get ! Till then lots of Love and Good And Happy Vibes !

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