Hello “ Quarantina”

Well hello there wondering about the word “ Quarantina” well this is our very special category of women/ladies who are actually a very close relative of “Cinderella”, well they speak of equalising the society without being of any help just living along the line of their Glass Slipper, because their prince arrived and did all the work And now they preach wisdom upon those who actually in reality went ahead and did all the work, this “ Quarantina” requires special help and rescuing from the “ help” that their husband provides them daily ? Wondering what ? Well the “ house help” in Indian language we call them many things “ bai” “ didi” “ Maushi” and many more things, these super hero’s help “ Quarantina” to get her house more “ re-organised” arranged and visibly appealing to the eyes of people , though this particular super hero “ hails from the slums of Mumbai” they live in far better structured house since their decency and lifestyle level is better than “ Quarantina” and she goes and helps others to keep their houses clean “ which like abroad” our lazy Indian asses can’t achieve” they belong to the low income group, social distancing was a fundamental judgment, and even though 10-20 would share the same common “ public restroom” they happen to live a more clean life, but look at the irony, now they are the “ black mark” on the economy since now the ones that work have their “ Quarantina’s” question their hygiene, and their ground work is taken away from them ? Well all this because of the natural pandemic, and what have we being doing all along ? “ well donating money so that our tax books look good” “ selling stuff so that we can profit” “ give away free rations, even after knowing that the pandemic has taken away their job” thanks to the government, the wage workers left the city, the ones doing the more important small jobs are limited and the absolutely useless are sipping on some Tea wearing a face mask acting all gracious because of their entitled life ,

But can you even blame this government ? Well no ? Because they came into the office and 3 months later a PANDEMIC appeared and now they have projects for at least the coming 5 YEARS , they wanted to know what’s wrong with the ECONOMY , well now they have their answer so better get to work ? Oh who am I kidding we’ll CRITICISE and ANALYSE their work AFTER 5 years , for now we will sit and say “ All hail to the lower income groups of our country” who are now defended by the “ quarantina’s , and bykos, Memsaab, and more importantly Saab” who are reading prayers day and night, while we say this I am on my way to attend some “ GHAR KA KAAM KAISE KARE TUTORIAL ( how to do House work tutorial )” By“ Sheila, Munni, Billi Massi, Begum of the Bartans, Mina ka Wim Chuna, Aur Sara Ka Sara Saaf, May be then the bartans will get Razzi, Catch you guys later, a Panda “ from the Kung fu panda fighting the WAR of the Hand Sanitisers Vs Harpic, Lizol, And Dettol” of who killed Corona Better !

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