Jump Around In Your Jumpsuit

Well hello there lovelies ! How have you all been ? The lockdown has started easing out throughout the world, yet life is slowly finding pace and becoming normal, although I have a good feeling that we all have a long way to go, the unpredictability and uncertainty of circumstances has build a natural fear of watching every step and taking it slow, 2020 truly has been a year of the heavy wake up call that one day even nature can wake up and tell you all Enough is Enough and this might come along with heavy damages !

The other day I stepped out after 3 whole months and the feeling was not the same as before but I would totally term it as “ Hopeful” ! Why “ Jump Around In Your Jumpsuit” well because a lot has changed in these 3 Months and these pictures reminded me of the Time and feel we lived 3 months ago and may be now it’s time to “ Snap Out of It” and alive through !

Well yesterday I Decided to post this look I shot before the Corona Virus Scare, I was suppose to post it on the blog itself but didn’t really do it because of the on going lockdown ,

Jumpsuit is something that every woman owns and have owned at some point in their life, I Bought this jumpsuit about 7 years ago from Guess, I love buying staple pieces that I know bring timeless value, as Carrie Bradshaw once said I like my money where I can see it “ In my closet”…..hahaha I also wore this jumpsuit for my Diploma Certification, so definitely it was something that I had chosen consciously, as I wanted it to be sharp and classic both at the same time, The biker Jacket feel that it adds to the upper part of the jumpsuit really makes it look smart, I paired this with my Black leather Belt with Gold buckle to give a tone to the look, and carried my favourite Wristlet from Micheal Kors, with my Platforms from Aldo, as it was totally a Day look and I didn’t want to add any Jarring Pair of Shoes with it and since I had work and running around to do I chose my comfort by choosing Platforms instead of Peep-Toe Heels !

I Hope your’ll Like this look as much as I did wearing it, and ya the Pictures are very Random and something that may totally and completely seem Candid, I’ll be bringing a lot many post in future too, and if you like the post you can also give me feedback ! Thank you for reading the post and giving your valuable Time I thoroughly and sincerely Acknowledge It, Have a Great Week Ahead !

Outfit Details:

Jumpsuit : Guess

Belt : Da Milano

Platform Heels : Aldo Shoes

Wristlet : Micheal Kors

Sunglasses : Promod

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