Say Hello to the “ Mask”

Well hello there ! Hope all is good and rocking as some might say…..hahaha the past few months have been a teaching lesson and a Mix of the world apocalypse of sorts…..there were earthquakes, cyclones, the attack of the swamp of insects and the worst of them all a pandemic which we are trying to normalise into our normal lifestyle, Corona virus surely came at a cost of loosing life and financial status for the entire world, a rejuvenating element remained with us was definitely our own positivity,

The one thing that now has become “ Mandatory” is the “ Mask” , life before Corona Virus was “ Mask free” but life with the new precautionary measure is surely the “ Mask” on your face, it doesn’t need to be fancy, although you can style it if you want, but it’s definitely a new fashion element into a women’s wardrobe because brands have started selling them in different designs, they come in different cuts , colours and prints if one wishes to buy them, for me I have decided to stick to the “ ordinary” and “ basic” simple “ mask” that can serve the purpose it’s suppose to, I don’t look down up the idea of styling it though, but where I am concerned, I secretly pray that the “ Mask” disappears as soon as possible, because firstly I can’t wear one constantly for medical reasons though I don’t step out without one on and second I feel claustrophobic just looking at it, so ya I am all for styling it, but I won’t be styling it anytime soon !

Here I am totally posing with the mask on and also without a mask which I just pulled down for clicking pictures, the correct way of wearing a mask is that it should cover your mouth and your nose, it’s a safety and precautionary measure and by obeying to this rule you’ll be just taking care of yourself and the safety of your loved ones, so well let’s say a nice “ hello” to the “ new mandatory” the “ new normal” the “ stylish and lovely and the fashion statement of the decade”…….THE MASK !

Outfit Details :

T-Shirt – Random purchase from Singapore

Black Leggings : Marks and Spencer

Sneakers : Nike Air Max ( Old Collection )

Sunglasses : Emporio Armani

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