Burger Bae

Oh hi there my lovely people ! 🙋🏼‍♀️ How have you all been ? Hope all is good at your end !

Omg if you are blushing then you must be knowing this Is indeed True Love then ! 🍔😂❤️
Well you can’t Love the Burger withOut it’s perfect companion the Fries ofcourse, if only your Bae understood this ! 🍔🍟😂

Well the idea of greeting hasn’t got lost in the mail for sure, while the world is slowly adjusting and rejuvenating and finding its new Normal, somewhere the old just came back and I couldn’t have been happier, while the Corona Virus outbreak started a global pandemic everything went into a complete Full Stop, while everything remained shut for 3 months countries finally found their courage to open up at least partial business as losses got way too much to bear and how long could one survive with such a scenario, Although all efforts are being made to control and contain the virus and the “ new mandatory” the mask is become a daily accessory for people,

This one right here says he can be your complete food comfort and promise that it’s deliciousness will make it alright ? Then why not choose it right ?
Hello Zinger, you should know I totally chose you ! 🍔👍🏻😂

In Mumbai they started the “ mission begin again”, yes yes you read it right, don’t even get me started over this one…….I mean the movement itself sounds like a James Bond movie…..hahahaha…….”Mission begin again is going to be an effort to slowly get the city life back to normal……an initiative from our government , while at it restaurants aren’t allowed to open up but they could surely start their home delivery of course while following the safety precautionary measures, and they did start their home delivery services a month ago, though people totally were initially a little hesitant over ordering from out, slowly but steadily we all came around the idea , it’s been a month now of operating these services and orders definitely increased finally for the food chain owners,

Let’s dig in for some real time treasure, every foodie will agree ? Wouldn’t you if you are one ?
Only if people looked this happy while posing with their actual “ Bae” ❤️😂

One such fast food chain that I missed was definitely The constant one for me “ THE BURGER”, well I totally believe in staying fit and healthy, but a monthly order from Mc Donald’s is a absolute must and if fitness could be spared then KFC and BURGER KING too, I am totally a BURGER LOVER…….as Gigi hadid Rightfully quoted one time: Stay fit, eat clean and have a burger to stay Sane !………I totally follow this routine……hahahaha

You know it’s true love when you look at someone or something like this 👀😂❤️
A Burger Mood Board ? Ya why not !

So I finally got comfortable with the idea of Ordering food Delivery and opted for the SWIGGY food delivery app, I have been kind of using that one only forever and finally after 3 whole months I was happy to have the first bite of the MC DONALD’S BURGER with Peri Peri fries and Potato Wedges…….

Let’s get posing and eating , Shall we ?

I definitely went over board and had the CHEAT MEAL OF THE CENTURY, I also ordered from KFC it’s classic Zinger Burger and the Other day I ordered Classic Chicken Whopper Burger from Burger King !…….hahaha no I didn’t have it in a day but over the time of few weeks…… a burger has been a constant in my life for around 10 years and I am shamelessly going to choose THE BURGER OVER BAE for sure…….at least when I have one…….or may be that’s why I don’t have one……hahahahaha,

But nevertheless let me know in the comments what’s your CHEAT GUILT TRIPPING MEAL…..and I hope you enjoyed reading this articles and like the pictures, if you liked the article please do like it and you can also give me feedback, I would totally appreciate it too…..hope you all have a fabulous week ahead and you ENJOY YOUR BURGER…..WITH……Or…….WITHOUT BAE ! ❤️

Burger Bae 🍔❤️🌹

P.S : I have worn NO MAKEUP IN THESE PICTURES and only applied lipstick, I Am still on a No makeup Spree ! 😊

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