Black And White

The past few days have been weeks of controversy where we started to debate on the probability and definition of what HUMOUR exactly is, we started discussing the BY-LAWS of what can be defined as humour and what can’t, which seemed quite fair enough, DIGITAL CONTENT WAS QUESTIONED BY MANY and DISGUSTING “GUNDAGARDI” was objected against, though this bad behaviour was breathing for a long long time and all this HAPPENED IN THE NAME OF WOMEN SAFETY AND SELF-RESPECT, though I wondered why did this move take so much time, I thanked our lucky Stars that BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, though DIGITAL CONTENT CREATORS AND COMEDIANS ARGUED FOR THEIR STAND, it also showed us that how reckless and careless and offensive their content began to seem, since there was no one monitoring their content FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND THE RIGHT TO DEFAME WAS USED AS A DEFENCE MECHANISM FOR BULLSHIT, shit posting became a normal life style, creativity Has power, laughter is a medicine, and humour is our greatest healer, but as the olden thoughts goes what’s good can be used for the bad too, if you manipulate it with your own DIRTY AGENDA and DEMEANING SPITEFUL EGO, the true power that SOME of these people used was the POWER TO ABUSE IN A FUN WAY to the people they hate and their competitors and counterparts, it’s like if you even slightest bit offended their EGO then get ready for the RAINS of ABUSES AND NONSENSE JUST BECAUSE YOU DISAGREED WITH THEM, they will MOCK YOU, SHAME YOU, DEGRADE YOU, INSULT YOU, TRIGGER YOUR FAMILY WITH BAD BEHAVIOUR, and anything else just to SHOW THE POWER OF DIGITAL MEDIA, imagine if you can be BODY SHAMED AND CALLED NAMES AND GET THREATS FOR YOUR FAMILY, GET CALLED CRAZY, GET BULLIED EACH DAY, and when you jus point it out to them what exactly happened they would come ahead and say GET A CONTROL ON YOUR ANXIETY ? Like at least don’t mock Mental illness and DEFAME SOMEONE AND RUIN THEIR ENTIRE LIFE AND REPUTATION ?

Black and White Surely is a Colour represented by Judical System, and the Middle finger is the Judgment that it shows to Injustice !

As we move pass these current circumstances we are left with nothing but just the HOPE that a step in the right direction will take us far, DIGITAL MEDIA gives rights to all kinds of people to create and account and use their APPS and SITES, when you make demeaning content and want to hurl abuses you singularly HURT SENTIMENTS of many, their BLIND followers feel that their CRY for help is GENUINE, then you have the power to only embark on your SIDE of the story, it’s not just about ONE PERSON, it’s about many, we take the starting of anything WRONG lightly and later you realised that now IT’S A LIFESTYLE, there are too many talents and JOBLESS INDIANS WAITING TO TAKE YOUR PLACE, so RESPECT YOUR POSITION AND USE YOUR POWER TO INFLUENCE IN THE RIGHT WAY, it’s time that people are made to get down of their HIGH HORSES, whether you you have 1 million followers or 40 million, you JUST CAN’T MISBHEAVE AND CREATE DEMEANING CONTENT IN THE NAME OF YOUR CONTENT, and later say no it wasn’t like that, ABUSES AND ABUSING WERE FUNNY TO THESE CONTENT CREATOR AND COMEDIANS UNTIL people stated hurling those abuses at them, like what happened ? YOUR FOLLOWERS AND NOW YOUR HATERS HAVE LEARN’T this from you only and now they are at it, so MAY BE IT’S A WAKE UP CALL, to be more responsible and RESPECT OUR CONSTITUTION AND RIGHTS TO DEMOCRACY, that it grants us the FREEDOM OF SPEECH, all that is being asked in good BEHAVIOUR AND Respectful behaviour Then may be OUR SYSTEM WILL BE ABLE TO PUNISH THE REAL CULPRITS WHO RATHER BE THE “BHAI’s” and the “GUNDA’s” Of our society !


Social Issues is a reality and you’ll be seeing a lot of these in the Future too, the views stated here are my own and it doesn’t refer to any individual, caste or religion, if you find any similarities please understand it’s co-incidental and it purely highlights the difficulties of our everyday life we face, the deep rooted issues which perhaps sleeps everyday and shows up only when itched, if you like the article, please like and feel free to give feedback too, soon will be coming up with more content !


P.S I have worn NO MAKEUP IN THESE PICTURES AND ONLY APPLIED LIPSTICK, I am still on my no Make-Up spree !

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