Hop, Skip And A Jump

Well hello there ! How have you all been ? Well it’s been raining like crazy for the last couple of days as if we didn’t have enough ?……hahahaha this year in particular as been one filled with bad news, it’s like there is an inbuilt fear that you might just log into your social media and find some crazy bad news waiting for you, a lockdown life has surely been a crazy one indeed……

My last article was quite a shocking event for me, I actually got treated with some hate DM on Instagram, with bashes and abuses and “ GANGRAPE” threat in two, definitely I was taken a back, I immediately turned off my comment section in fear and limited my DM’s, it was a huge wake up call that people would do and go to any extend for HATE….I for once came across a lot of CRITICISM IN THE LAST few months, since this year started with me calling out a MAKEUP WEBSITE FOR THEIR CREATIVE PLAGIARISED CONTENT styling AND THERE AFTER STARTED A SERIES OF BULLYING and of-course there are some crazy personal issues hidden within the WALLS OF MY LIFE, but this sort of approach really took a lot away, yet I decided to be constant and post on social media regardless,

Of-course this can be very draining of energy and energy levels, But of course I feel like personally it’s a hop-skip and A jump situation since I don’t choose to waddle in it, I keep myself aware, awake and sorted, Lately I feel I needed a lot more distance from social media and content could wait, and Ever since then I have been maintaining a little distance from social media because I felt that DETOX Was necessary, the idea of LOVE for me remains the same as freedom, understanding and honesty but the last couple of weeks definitely bought new meaning to light, I do share a lot of anecdotes and my write up on Instagram, it’s almost like a instagram blog post it self and my write up as usual are drawn from my experiences and understanding of life !

I often also find a need to write a disclaimer that if one finds any resemblance with their situation or their life then they can feel free to ignore or rather wait and clarify it with me personally or rather move on and let be, all I prefer is PEACE AND LOTS OF LOVE, it becomes easy to CO-exist, I am not the sort of individual that can fathom on so much negativity, this look particularly defines my current state of mind, where dressing up seems rather irritating and the oversized t-shirt surely makes for a pleasant and different change and this look clearly ISN’T fashion, but then again who even cares right ? It’s good to be carefree and jovial and full of life and the more comfortable the clothes the more sorted the mind !

P.S These pictures were taken when I was out and about for a walk in the evening and yes I had the mask on and took it off only for pictures and yes social distancing was maintained !

Hope you all have a fabulous week ahead and If you like my article, do comment, like share and provide feedback if you feel like, you can also subscribe ! 🤷🏻‍♀️😊🌹

Outfit details :

Top : Zara

Pants : H&M

Hair band : H&M

Mules : Dune London

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