Slice…….Of Working The Workout….JUST DO IT ! ✔️

Well Hello There !……..So well things were a little out of order and a bit misplaced lately, I for once used this time to not only wallow but also contemplate,many suggestions came through, Like I have often come across people telling me in chats or through messages or indirect ways of me being LAZY, a LAZY BLOGGER perhaps, because I don’t post as much as other people, I for once don’t want to be a part of the RAT RACE, as independent as it looks being a Blogger isn’t really that independent, like you keep getting NONSENSE advice as to how you should do things, specially if the SO CALLED BIG WIGS have come to the party, the BOSSES of these influencers that get brands because of being in good books have to be taken into consideration and if not then they WON’T let you BE, I am like c’mon give me a break, calm down in life !

•Next up the alley is LONG LENGTHY PARAGRAPHS, “ hey why have you written this ESSAY ?” Listen we don’t like your “short stories !” ( they were clearly referring to my Captions or rather Paragraphs or even better WRITE UPS that are written under my photos On my INSTAGRAM POST ) I have said this before and will say it again, nobody is forcing you to READ, but it is surely meant for READING and while at it I can’t expect people to READ PURE crap, whatever I write is DERIVED FROM MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCES AND OF-COURSE MY SURROUNDING and it isn’t a pure work of IMAGINATION rather it’s more of an INSIGHTFUL VIEW INTO THE SITUATION FROM my POINT OF VIEW, I can understand why READING a ARTICLE can be PROBLEMATIC for some, after all its easy being and acting LIKE A BIMBO who is CUT OUT FROM SOCIAL ISSUES, but I Prefer OTHERWISE,

•The strangest one is BUSINESS ADVISE, oh my god I love this one, it sure gets interesting, WHY DON’T YOU EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS ? Listen IF YOU ARE getting harassed we could help you but first let’s talk BUSINESS after all it’s a GIVE AND TAKE WORLD, why don’t you come on board with us and we could work this out and the minute something happens in my life, listen you should totally give up your projects, or the people harassing you for the land matter will not LET YOU LIVE and you’ll have to PERMANENTLY LEAVE MUMBAI AND GO AWAY, so what if you and your family have BEEN A MUMBAI RESIDENT SINCE THE LAST 60years,

When GONE WITH THE WIND finds new meaning and you realise that even the MUMBAI LOCAL TRAIN has lost its speed and is forced to take it SLOW !

•And this one is even better, YOU LIVE WITH YOUR MOTHER, for the well being of your FAMILY, you should totally get MARRIED, a man will be able to keep you more secured, after all life would be totally incomplete if you don’t get married, you are 29 and not in a relationship or married, the other bloggers Called you REKHA when you spoke about women being enough, now first of all, I don’t believe any of these bullshit, I call it “ over imagination, and over thinking at best, because I just CAN’T DECODE PEOPLES SLY DIGS ON ME, because frankly isn’t the point already understood, like IF SOMEONE WANTS TO TAKE A DIG AT ME OR HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ME WITHOUT KNOWING ME, then it’s clearly their PROBLEM, so why should I even care ? And even if someone refers to you as REKHA I would take that as a compliment, what a fun compliment to have, imagine being as Secured and as powerful as her ?…….hmmm something to think about, when did I become so awesome in life ? Hahahaha… no can’t afford to get in my head, instead rather just stay HUMBLE AND KEEP GOING !

Mumbai is known for its fast life, it’s fast trains, life has now become slow and is slowly and patiently getting back to NORMAL !

• Lockdown Unlock Process has definitely allowed some walking and roaming around in the evening, so definitely after months of sitting Indoors this limited yet refreshing old school idea works wonders and well Athleisure look works comfort and a proper fit workout wear, my entire look along with the sneakers are NIKE as NIKE ALWAYS SAYS…..JUST DO IT ! ……so well I took the advice and DEFINITELY JUST DID IT ! ✔️

Hopeful for the future !

Outfit Details :

Entire look along with the SNEAKERS : NIKE

P.S this here is a complete NO MAKEUP LOOK as I have only applied LIPSTICK WITH GLOSS ! As I haven’t used any MAKEUP on my FACE FOR THE PAST 5 months, basically since lockdown started whatever pictures I have CLICKED ARE without any makeup, since we were going to be indoor, I wanted to give this time to my skin to REJUVENATE !

P.S this isn’t a sponsored post, it’s totally a look I own and my complete comfort wear, I don’t do AD’s !

( Well This was written on the 7Th of JULY I am just posting it late )

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