Blue sling with a Blackout effect

Well Hello there lovelies ! How have you all been ? How’s life treating your’ll ?

Well the last few weeks have been nothing but weird number feelings mushed up together,

What I begin to fathom is that with the pandemic still out on the loose, how much can we even tame or control or find the balance into our normal life ? The mystery to adjust our lives with the NEW NORMAL still remains unanswered, for me frankly this lockdown has been nothing but life lessons, monetary lessons and a hell lot of emotional roller coaster,

The other I decided to be out and about in the evening and Wear my everyday casual outfit, I paired my sports bra with high waisted wide legged pants and a zipper trainer hood to go along with it, while having a trusted sling which I purchased last year from Aldo paired with white stan smith sneakers from Adidas and might I say it totally represents my current mood, since I got personally attacked and criticised for NOT BEING WOMAN enough, this totally adds up to that series on all the levels of AMORE, so this look totally adds up to my series of #AMOREBYSHONADEWALBEINGWOMAN,

Androgynous style isn’t an easy one to pull off, but I personally love it because of its easy breezy effortless chic outlook, I sort of relate to it on many levels it’s more like the clothes speak for itself and it feels like a glove to the soul sort of situation, I for once love the entire outlook on this particular style and you’ll find me dressed up like that on many occasions, couldn’t have said it better in anyway possible, I am definitely keeping things AUTHENTIC and as REAL as possible like always, hope you like this take on this look too !

If you like the outfit feel free to LIKE, COMMENT or SHARE and I am open to feedbacks too, wishing you all a lot of happiness and a fabulous weekend ahead, work from home and get out only for some fresh air and random walks, my looks will also totally represent that only, STAY HOME AND STAY SAFE and more importantly BE HAPPY !

Outfit Details :

Wide legged Pants : Zara

Black Zip up Hoodie: Marks and Spencer

Sports Bra: Enamour

Blue Sling Bag : Aldo

Mask : Randomly purchased from a Local Chemist store !

White Sneakers : Adidas Stan Smith Collection

P.S this entire look is without any MAKEUP, since I am not applying any makeup these days and only applying lipstick ! 💄

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