Track Up the Tracks

Well hello there ! Hope you all have been doing well and fine, today is a Friday and though the past few months have been challenging, it’s been particularly challenging for the FRIDAY FEELS, well because now people surely loose a track of their Days, many things changed and one thing that made way into our life and wardrobe is comfort wear, our pyjamas surely became a way of our lifestyle, but our very trusted wardrobe necessity “ THE TRACKS” surely came in handy, it’s almost like for months people forgot what was DENIM and of course as soon as the lockdown got relaxed people were on their way to revamp their wardrobe denim needs,

For me personally the tracks have always played the comfortable and fashionable role for the longest time possible, as Off by now you must be surely knowing that I prefer to wear clothes that are comfortable, it’s sort of my Vibe and specially when I am not in the mood or want to relax, frankly I am not judgemental about this comfortable piece of clothing, I know causal and fancy attire is a necessity, but I feel that’s the thing about fashion it gives you the freedom to be YOU and carry on with your life and ways without any judgment,

So I decided to be out and about wearing my very comfortable track pants with T-shirt and I was surely happy, since it went along with my mood well, you know it’s one of those days when mundane doesn’t remain mundane anymore, well I am sure you will like this particular look and my outlook too,

So you can totally check it out and provide any feedback I’ll surely take it and consider it as per my understanding, wishing you all a happy Friday, have a fabulous weekend and lots of love to each one of you, bye ! Thank you for reading🙏🏻

P.S I am not wearing any makeup so it’s totally a FRESH FACE FRIDAY POST and have only applied lipstick and not fancy styling either ! 😊

Outfit details :

Track Pants: H&M India

Black t-Shirt : Zara India

Beige T-Shirt : Zara India

Flats : Aldo India

Mask : A non branded bought from a chemical store

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