The power of white and blue and a non planned or PROFESSIONAL photoshoot, rather a more genuine take on things and the power of #SHOTONIPHONE

Well hello there lovelies……….Well today’s post is all about beauty and hair care regime, well honestly I never really found the need to share any tips up until I received some Instagram DM’s asking for those…..yes yes I know many people make and create spoof as to how what a scam that can be, but I’ll surely post it as a proof….hahahah well so I totally thought that I wanted to and should totally shoot a post for this one,

Thankful and how, simple not expensive and not your pretentious hair care, but keeping things authentic and obeying to my mantra of “ KEEP IT REAL” 💙

Well hair care is something that is very important to every individual, in this lockdown I saw many people shooting and posting content on daily hair care, well honestly the hair care regime comes into play more when you are out and about and your hair has to tolerate the bad pollution, during the lockdown a hair care regime seemed pointless, not that I minded any of it or didn’t enjoy the added information but it was a nice way of keeping things entertaining,

Pose and strike a pose ! 💙

I like to maintain the same length of my hair for personal reasons of my own, I don’t like to do MAJOR heat treatments on my hair, not that I don’t like the different hairstyle, BUT I LIKE TO KEEP THINGS SIMPLE, I don’t like to BLOW-DRY my hair or anything so that way I protect it from the UNNECESSARY Heat, I definitely enjoy a nice HAIR SPA once in 3-4 months and yes my hair is not an HAIR EXTENSION I have NEVER USED HAIR EXTENSIONS, NOR DO I KNOW HOW TO USE THEM , hair SPA keeps you hair healthy and if I get my hair coloured then that’s a different intensive hair care altogether,

Details ! 💕💙

MOROCCANOIL Hair products are definitely very well known and have earned a good and trustable reputation of its own, I was introduced to this hair care MASK by my hair stylist, after I couldn’t follow parlour appointments because of my travelling schedule, except for oiling your hair you need the added texture and smoothness too, so I switched to this HYDRATING HAIR MASK , and I totally loved it, it’s a very easy to apply and I am sure you’ll love the results of it too, all you have to do is wash you hair, rinse it, towel dry you hair and then apply the hair MASK for 10-15 mins and then rinse it and Tada you’ll have smooth and healthy hair in minutes and your extra parlour time also gets saved, though who am I kidding lockdown surely got us missing our hair salons..hahahah,

Details, Details some more Details ! 💕💙

I hope you enjoyed this article and my effort at presenting my beauty routine only when asked, I also shot a video just in case, please ignore if you find anything wrong, because I not comfortable talking on camera, but I tried………and no this is NOT AN AD, my blog isn’t BUSINESS, so this is a genuine post coming from an active individual who uses the product and is providing a REVIEW and also RECOMMENDING IT, I highly RECOMMEND it, hopefully you guys find it informative…..lots of love and happiness to each one of you and THANK YOU ! 💙

Oh hi there ! 👋🏻

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P.S I am not wearing any makeup in this post and also in the video and have only applied lipstick 💄

Sure why not just pose, who even cares ? 😊😂

Hair product : Moroccanoil Intense hydrating MASK

Product that can make a difference in hair care !

Direction of use : Wash your hair , rinse it , towel dry your hair, then apply the mask, leave it for 10-15 mins and then again rinse it !

Details ! 💕

Outfit Details :

Sweater : H&M

Jeans : Zara India

Hair band : Zara Singapore

Thank you ! 🌻🌼🌸

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