Blue Monday Butterfly 🦋

Well hello there lovelies, how have you all been ? Well things have been going just crazy different for me personally, but like always I am finding my ground personally and professionally, what seems so weird is that to snap out of something and do what’s necessary right ?

Well I have personally been of the belief that it’s life and up’s and down’s are bound to happen what makes a difference here is to keep Working, the idea of truth remains that no matter what, things will find its peace on its own, here I am starting a Monday on a positive Note,

While I was out and about some weeks ago in September, I decided to do a quick photo call in this beautiful yet simple dress, I wore this dress on my 28th birthday and had posted some pictures on Instagram Last year, but never really did a look post for the same,

As women we tend to purchase what not only meets our eye, but also adds the feel to our basic look, this dress can totally be termed as a TWO STORY dress, while it’s originally a Wrap dress, I also worse it as a short dress with cape, and frankly I enjoyed it, and what’s a dress if you can’t have Fun in it ? Right ? ……hahahahaha..,

So here are some out and about NO MAKEUP pictures of a very simple yet classic dress, the first look I have paired it with a belt bag I bought from DUNE INDIA, the other one I have paired with a hot pink sling bag from FURLA, well and I just changed the over all look by changing the hairstyle, well since I am not wearing any MAKEUP in either of them just applied my REGULAR LIPSTICK GLOSS ( lipstick+gloss)….hahaha AS GLAM,

So hoping you enjoy this style too, and like this post you can provide me feedback and follow and like if you like my post, for more and subscribe, happy Feels and lots of love and happiness to the beautiful people reading this post ! Thank you !💐

P.S always WEAR A MASK, it’s for your safety ! 😷

Outfit Details :

Dress : Zara (old)

Sneakers : Skechers

Belt bag : Dune London

Hot pink sling bag : FURLA Metropolis

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