Pink and Blue Out for a Stroll

Well hello there lovelies ! How have you been ? Hope all is treating you well, well I am totally looking forward to the upcoming Indian Festival Season, with the pandemic still out on the loose this would seem to be a refreshing yet energetic change, life isn’t just unfair at time, it’s unbearable, but what remains important is the positive attitude that is required,

For me personally I live with the belief that help will always be provided, provided you remember to help yourself first, the idea of good and evil is that it only and only depends on your Actions, it’s not where you are born, it’s what you CHOOSE to BE, these are some wise WORDS, but trust me if put to use they make judgment easy,

Life can never be a solace until and unless feelings are understood, for the reality of the world remains that life is a series of unimaginative REALITY, and that when meets with the EXPECTATIONAL REALITY becomes more and more difficult than ever understood,

Forgiveness can be given for many things but it cannot be given for a crime that is committed on purpose, I have posted two pictures out of this series on Instagram, I’ll be posting them here too with the caption in place, so you Read and know what my thought of outlook for HELP AND KINDNESS happens to be,

For now here is a look that I put together for a lazy afternoon of doing nothing yet being busy doing a lot, I bought this SHIFT dress from GLOBAL desi about 3 years ago and I decided to pair this with my denim jacket from RHESON and my trusted Adidas STAN SMITH That I have overused as it’s my favourite pair,

For me fashion is comfort and VIBE is happiness and outlook remains in actions and love is justified as a unsaid emotion, life is a series of celebration and kindness is an inbuilt reality, so live by your reality and you will always fathom in the bliss of ever after HAPPINESS,

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Instagram post: and Caption

I Posted this on Instagram on 2nd September :

Walk of Life 💕🧿💙🌷

// MEN AREN’T ALWAYS AT FAULT when it comes to rape allegations ? DOES THAT MEAN THAT YOU CAN LET THE ONES THAT DO THE CRIME GET AWAY WITH IT ? DOESN’T IT MEAN TO HAVE AN INTERVENTION ? SHOULDN’T IT BE ABOUT INVESTIGATION RATHER THAN ALLEGATION ? IN TODAY’S AGE AND TIME YOU CAN SHRED A WOMEN’S DIGNITY APART REGARDLESS OF THE MATTER, THE WORD ITSELF “RAPE” IS A BIG DEAL, PEOPLE SHOULD WATCH WHAT THEY SPEAK AND SAY, just because you are angry or have some made up issues with someone you can’t go ahead and say whatever you want, WHEN SUCH SENSITIVE ISSUES ARISE, REGARDLESS YOU ARE A DISHAHEEN WOMAN OR NO, BASIC DECENCY AND MANNERS SHOULD BE THERE, YOU CAN’T SAY MEAN THINGS AND GET AWAY WITH IT JUST BECAUSE YOU THINK YOU CAN ? ANY KIND OF CHARACTER ASSASSINATION IS A CRIME, DEFAMATION CAN COST PEOPLE THEIR ENTIRE LIFE, IT CAUSES MENTAL HARASSMENT AND CAN LEAD TO VARIED RESULTS, WOMEN GET THREATS, THAT DOESN’T MEAN ALL MEN ARE BAD, SOME MEN EVEN GET USED BY WOMEN AND THEN GET THREATENED INSTEAD, IN TODAY’S WORLD CASUAL RELATIONSHIP ALSO LEADS TO VIOLATION OF FEELINGS AND PRIDE, IT’S “ BAHUT SARA” DRAMA BECAUSE JUST LIKE THE “ Kerala coconuts” they randomly fall from the tree and decided to break an entire life of an individual, let me make this easy to understand : any kind of insensitivity shouldn’t and wouldn’t be tolerated, you can’t make someone feel a certain way and wait for them to cost their life, a valid answer definitely makes way, whatever allegations or claims you make, make sure you have proof to back them, you can’t go ahead and Name call people or SLUT SHAME without knowing their REALITY, just because of your own insecurity, when you speak and defame others remember and ask yourself first, are you a good enough individual ? for speaking about someone else like that ? :byshonadewal // #amorebyshonadewalwrites #socialawareness #stoprapeculture

2nd Post, Posted on Instagram on 14th September :

Walk in the Garden of so called PARADISE 🌱💚💕🧿#smilethroughitall // Ok I thought I may speak of a national Joke of this country, imagine you own a 75 lakh MERCEDES, a 2 crore RANGE OVER, 5 FLATS in SO CALLED UPSCALE BANDRA, 3 Mercedes’s and AUDI’s , being a SO CALLED WANNABE POLITICIAN MLA, A ONLINE PR MARKETING COMPANY BUSINESS OWNER, STANDS ACCUSED OF crores of RUPEES OF SCAM, JAILED FOR ROAD ACCIDENT, HARASSMENT OF GIRLS, walks AROUND WITH A ROLEX WATCH, BUYS VOTES AND PEOPLE ONLY BY merely PAYING THEM 20,000 rupees, hiring a FAKE CHEERING CROWD then asking the GOVERNMENT TO HELP A HELPLESS girl who probably has FINANCIAL CRISIS and giving her a home and also giving her a BONANZA CHEQUE( of a mediocre amount ) and then PRETENDING TO BE CHARITABLE, I mean if you are so rich and you are LIVING THE LOUIS VUTTION AND GUCCI LIFESTYLE and SHOWING OF YOUR PRADA AND VERSACE, then shouldn’t you be helping them yourself ? , WHY THE GREED, c’mon and then create FAKE MENTAL TRIGGER STORIES AND RUMOURS with the help and manipulated BOYS AND GIRLS by promising then BETTER LIFE AND WORK PROSPECTS to them just to harass another girl and get your way into manipulating her for a piece of land or monetary benefits and having a personal bad eye on the girl and when QUESTIONED FOR THE SAME, GOING MAD AND PHYSICALLY DAMAGING PEOPLE ? I mean if this isn’t GUNDAGARDI then what is ? and I completely understand the helpless ness of the PUBLIC FORCE and also the STATE GOVERNMENT because it’s like a LEECH MENTALITY, every person is responsible for their own actions, so we have to adjust and fathom but can we finally say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, SILENCE CANNOT BE TAKEN FOR WEAKNESS ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites

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P.S this entire look is a NO MAKEUP LOOK ! #nomakeup

Outfit Details :

Shift dress : Global Desi

Denim Jacket : RHESON

Sneakers : Adidas Stan Smith

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