WHITE Maxi Flashback Friday !

Pre Corona- these images were taken last year in May !

Well hello there lovelies, how are you guys doing ? Well these days I have decided to be more active on the blog, so you can expect a lot of interesting posts in the future too, I still have to post my travel post and may be it’s time for an upgrade, I am close to completing my one year of my blog, and like any journey this has been an interesting one too,

When pre-corona doing make up and stepping out would be fun,
Detail shots are always necessary, you can check outfit details,
In a Garden full of love and happiness last year in May !
I posted these pictures on Instagram last year and also posted a sweet caption on it, I can’t believe how much has changed in the last one year,

With the pandemic in place and 2 months of not Posting on the Blog, I started my blog as soon as the lockdown opened and chose to give the blog the rest while the lockdown still existing, and ever since then I have been slowly getting back following the lockdown Norms and rules,

This year when I was out for a stroll and decided to add a blazer to this look,
I loved the weather on this day and specially the blue sky ! I posted this picture on Instagram with the caption :Oh Hi BAE 🕊
// Pay your respect to the ELDERLY since they are the ones that carved the PATH that you could walk on, no matter how good or bad the day, no matter how disgusting the WALK of SHAME, a WOMAN would stand tall through it all, be proud of each moment that you live by and cherish the sudden sheerness of the spirit in you that is ready to WITHSTAND the stand of time, it’s going to be a never ending battle of TALES, that have been said AND some that have been REPEATED, nothing SEEMS more amazing when YOU GET USED AS an INSPIRATION by the one that somehow, someday WITH their ACTIONS INSPIRED YOU and while this evening I may walk with the SUPPORT of time I look towards the SKY and thank for the FABULOUS SUPPORT SYSTEM and LOVE that the Universe has shielded me with, whereas a man is concerned ? Well that’s a FAR OF REALITY that I am not even going to CONCENTRATE on, LIVE YOUR LIFE WITH THE spirit of life and PEACE because after all what is life then if it’s not COMPASSIONATE ? :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites #bethequeenbyyouractions #bethequeenofyourmind (20th September 2020)
I prefer to keep distance and walk away when uncomfortable I have posted this on Instagram with a very particular caption, Colour of Freedom, Vision in White 🕊
// The idea about INTOLERANCE is simple, it SHOULDN’T be TOLERATED , we live in a fickle society that somehow is accustomed to defending people only according to their TIME AND NEED and of course their personal RAPPORT with that individual, somehow we lack SOCIETY JUSTIFICATION, I have personally faced many WARS on my own which have been on a very SOCIAL level, that doesn’t mean people don’t support, they support but helping you indirectly, or letting you know about their Omi-present self and frankly I have appreciated the SILENT AND INDIRECT SUPPORT too as much I have enjoyed and appreciated the ABUSES AND INDIRECT DIGS, imagine how much can be changed in just 2 months ? The people who once HUMILIATED an individual are now defending and the PRETENCE AND facade somehow left the building, LEAVING THE SUN TO WONDER whether did the ROSE FINALLY BLOOM ? Or DID IT DIE FOREVER ? Again only TIME COULD TELL………but never the less appreciate the GOOD BEHAVIOUR in people and always spread HOPE ,FAITH AND PROMISE the promise for the better future, men think humiliating someone for their behaviour REASONATES THE Idea of GUILT ? No not really in fact, as Mahatma Gandhi said AN EYE FOR AN EYE makes the whole world blind, so what we really need is CORRECT behaviour, RIGHTEOUS ATTITUDE and a KIND HEART, I am HOPEFULLY HOPEFUL ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites ( 5th Sept 2020)

I decided to finally post the looks that I definitely wore last year too, one of my interesting yet COMFORTABLE look has definitely been this very particular WHITE MAXI that I purchased from VERO MODA last year and wore in the first half of the year,

When strolling away in the night isn’t scary and I find it quite safe with a mask of course !
Always trying to keep the Peace by minding my own business,
Well well well…….Peace corona !

This year I decided to give a twist to this maxi by pairing a blazer with my white maxi and the other one I just kept it as it is while wearing a pony tail along with it, while last year I kept the look simple and let the maxi dress stand out, though you’ll definitely find the difference of the fit being loose this year…..hahahaha well I have got to get a belt then ? Right ? Hahahah,

30th May 2019 !

While at it I hope you enjoy this styling and give this basic white maxi a twist of its own, my take on it is SIMPLICITY, COMFORTABLE, BASIC, STYLISH and Sweet,

I just had to look back !
Well night sky and the Bandra Worli Sea Link !
Okay alright then bye !

If you enjoyed reading this article please do subscribe and like, share and follow and I would love to receive feedback’s that you may be interested in providing, wishing you all a great weekend ahead….hahaha well but what day it is ? Well Friday…..Friday…..Friday, well slowly but surely we are getting in the right pace of things, Thank you for reading this article 💐

Oh no wait, a no makeup Fresh face of me smiling and looking at you and hoping we can collectively keep the Peace alive !

P.S my Pre-Corona Look is WITH MAKE UP, but my POST CORONA LOOK IS DEFINITELY WITHOUT MAKEUP, it’s been 6 months I haven’t applied any MAKEUP ON MY FACE, it’s my effort towards a better skin Care regime since frankly life has been different ever since the pandemic !

Outfit Details :

White Maxi Dress : VERO MODA

Tan Tote 👜: Micheal KORS

Fur Mules : Dune London

Grey Tote 👜: Micheal KORS

Daisy Belt ( for the bag ) : Micheal KORS

Yellow Camera Bag : FURLA ( Singapore)

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