This is Not Louis Vuitton, It is “ BEING HUMAN” 🚫🛑!

Well hello there lovelies ! How have you all Been ? Well life has been getting back to normal, nevertheless things seem to be more bright and clearer than usual, what happens to be a mystery is what might the future hold, and would it be worth existing in any sort of understanding ?

This look I put together last week, when I was out and about and decided to pair white denims with blue denim shirt, well my health has surely been under the weather, but don’t worry it isn’t corona virus, well as splendid as it may seem I was on a shopping spree,

I decided to buy a random T-SHIRT from a brand called BEING HUMAN, well I found an interesting individual who took a dig on me on my mother’s birthday for her present not being a LOUIS VUITTON, well I wouldn’t dare name him and give him the attention necessary For him , but I surely thought it would be a nice take on things for a post, where shaming would find a new low, and I definitely thought that this BRAND PIECE would do justice to the SAME and I could make my point clear,

Nobody in this world wants to BEG for MONEY, when you stop someone’s FINANCES by indirect means that isn’t called BUSINESS, that’s considered as FRAUDULENT activity, I have lately found crappy wanna be politicians indulging in such behaviour, where they pretend to be GENEROUS in front of the whole world for PR, and then go behind a person’s back and STOP THEIR INCOME using local GOONS,

What remains a mystery to me is how can one fight such PR STRATEGIES ? Well it’s easy don’t believe in them and give them a taste of their OWN Medicine, you may be a superstar or a celebrated powerful individual, but nothing gives you the right to SHAME someone And Make them feel less of something,

For me individually things have been more clearer than usual, when I went for SHOPPING I wore a GREY T-shirt under my Shirt since I was feeling cold, I wore the SAME LOOK out and about where I DECIDED TO BE HUMAN and remind some people to be kind and stop DEMEANING WOMEN EVERYDAY,

The T-shirt I bought is the RED AND WHITE ONE, I have also posted that look, I paired it with my MOTHERS GUCCI MARMONT which I bought last year and a VERY SPECIAL WATCH that I gifted my mother this year, this post is dedicated to my mother’s LOVE and SELF RESPECT of truly been an EXCEPTIONAL HUMAN BEING, and not giving materialistic things that much VALUE,

The pandemic surely thought one the meaning of life and the value for life and how your materialistic goods don’t add value to your life, instead its your approach and reproach to life that does, and this year I decided to give my mother gifts that would add more personal value and a timeless memory of a life time, I’ll be sharing that too in the upcoming post, after all it’s necessary, why not flaunt what needs to get flaunted instead,

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and find it interesting, if you have any necessary feedback then you can surely provide them and like share and subscribe, THANK YOU ! 💐

P.S I am not wearing any MAKEUP in this look, it’s fresh face since I have not been wearing any MAKE UP ! 🙏🏻🤷🏻‍♀️❌

Outfit details :

White denim Jeans : VERO MODA

Blue denim shirt : Zara India

Grey T-shirt : ZARA INDIA

Sneakers : Skechers

Tan Tote : Michael KORS

Red and white T-shirt : BEING HUMAN CLOTHING

Off white bag : GUCCI MARMONT

Ripped jeans : VERO MODA

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