Beauty 👸🏻🖤

Well hello there lovelies ! How have you all been ? Hope all has been going well with your’ll, well for me personally it’s been a roller coaster, the reality of the Situation hits differently when you have been troubled on many levels, sympathy and empathy becomes words, the truth rules out the LIES, and somehow we find ourselves juggling the weird ideologies of the society,

After celebrating Navratri ( Indian festival ) at the end of it I found my self contemplating many things per se, where I filed a long pending police complain, the harassment I have gone through these past months have been disgusting, I can’t believe how much drama the so-called rich and famous and Bollywood weirdo’s can bring into this mix,

I have noted about the plagiarism issue that happened in February in the middle of it all, it started showing up again and after creating so many troubles indirectly with the help of their friends, now went ahead to prove me wrong ? Like what the hell ? Mental harassment is a serious crime, you can’t just strategically place yourself and I might just spare you, though to be honest I didn’t have the time to attend to this 5 days ago because I was busy, but I did put up a post today on my Instagram, I’ll soon speak on this matter in Detail, because I have had ENOUGH of it, you can’t just keep GOING ON AND ON for your GOD DAMM EGO,

And while I am at it, on MOTHER’S day I was out and about with my mother when I wore this black MAXI DRESS, which I paired with my trusted NIKE SNEAKERS, and frankly I didn’t know what could make me feel more like a WOMAN ? Like a Weird lady made a comment that I am not a WOMAN, because I don’t have a man that can make me feel like one, I don’t name her, rather I have a special name to women belonging to this mindset, and it’s called DISHA-HEEN ( meaning directionless ) because frankly what kind of mentality is that even ?

But any way regardless on the matters going on in my LIFE, I prefer to keep things REAL and TRANSPARENT WITH EVERYONE, I don’t like living a LIE, I find THE TRUTH MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE, and that’s why I have decided I am not going to TOLERATE EVEN SLIGHTEST bit of DISRESPECT or any sort of DIRTY, DISGUSTING, DOWNGRADED NAME CALLING OR GAMES,

The idea of beauty remains in the True power of being your CONFIDENT SELF, and I don’t think there is anything more empowering or endearing than that, I am UN-APOLOGETICALLY myself and I can totally SAY I AM PROUD TO BE MYSELF !

Instagram Caption : Fashion and Style is Your own Charisma (I don’t know who said it before but I believe this sincerely ! #amorebyshonadewalwrites 💕
// JMD🙏🏻// #throwbacktodaugthersday

Outfit DETAILS :

Maxi Dress : FOREVER NEW




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