Rise to the Roses Of your life ! 🌷🧡💓💐

Well hello there lovelies ! How have you all been ? Well things have been fabulous, life has been a beautiful parody of what should be or what could be, the idea of truth remains un-beatable regardless of the outcome, I for once love that ideology,

Fashion is an expression of thoughts and your personality, fashion makes freedom of expression more liberal, it gives out the way to bring our artistic side out in the open without the hassle to worry about survival,

For me personally living your REALITY isn’t ever a problem, living your reality provides you freedom, in gives you the strength and demeanour to walk the walk of life, I have a lot of other shades in my life and like any other individual I go on with life as per the usual,

This particular look celebrates the aesthetic of being yourself, I am comfortable in my body and have been proud of it, though I got body shamed completely and got asked to not wear dresses, I wore this particular shift dress without a SHAPE-WEAR, as I wondered what was exactly wrong with my body ? Being hateful doesn’t justify your bad body shaming attitude, I for once respect and love the idea that women come in all shapes and sizes,

Eating healthy and more importantly staying HEALTHY and MINDFUL should be your particular way of life, your SIZE can differ due to your own personal reason, but no matter who you are or what you are, no one and I REPEAT NO ONE has the right to INSULT you or body shame you and pull you down, or make you feel bad constantly by taking JABS at you, no one is perfect and don’t ruin your body in the process of proving a point to someone, live your life with HAPPINESS and CONFIDENCE in being WHO YOU ARE, and don’t comprise on your SELF-ESTEEM AND SELF-RESPECT,

I celebrate the idea of WOMANHOOD by understanding that WHATEVER SHAPE or SIZE we are, WHEREVER YOU COME from, what ever CASTE , CREED , RELIGION you are, it’s your life , the world and the universe gives you the freedom to make choices and decisions as whatever you choose to make, SO BE FREE, BE YOU, and celebrate this wonderful gift called LIFE !

P.S This is again a Nomakeup look, and I have kept the look basic and natural and only applied Lipstick, and remember to always WEAR A MASK when Out and About !

Outfit Details :

Dress : AND clothing

Tote Bag : Micheal KORS

Oversized Jacket : Zara India

Sneakers : Skechers India

Sunglasses : Emporio Armani

I shared this post on Instagram on the 14/10/2020, the day I Shot this particular post, and I immediately after sometime received some unusual DM’s on my way Instagram asking me to JOIN a GYM in order to have 6 packs !
On the 16/10/2020 I shared this post on my Instagram about body shaming and how bad it actually is and that there are women indulging in such BEHAVIOUR which is SHAMELESS : CALVIN THAT CASUALLY HANGS on the MAT ! 🖤
This is how you wear Calvin’s at Home, Unlike the one’s that sell them, but if it’s my-antra, they might go ahead and put the same YELLOW,GREEN and PINK on A specific BODY SHAMING Disha-Heen(Direction-less) woman ! #amorebyshonadewalwrites #amorebyshonadewalbeingwoman
// If you have LOVE HANDLES or a slight Tummy and an imperfect body without a Pack of abs does that make you un-attractive ? No, it makes you perfectly HUMAN And a unauthorised FOREST SAHEB and DISHA-HEEN can continue SHAMING AND PLAYING PR GAMES with People AS LONG AS THEY ARE ALIVE, because the truth remains TODAYS WOMEN DON’T Care, these FAKE WOKE WANNA SELF BELIEVING CELEBRITIES who just casually WALK OUT OF restaurants for FAKE PR ? I mean it’s high Time we all start doing that too, so may be these TAKE-OUT BUDDIES get a REALITY CHECK ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites #nomakeup #curvyandproud
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