Bomber Black

Well hello there lovelies ! How have you all been ? Hope you all have been good and doing well and wonderful, well my personal life has been quite shaky for the past few weeks, about two weeks ago I got another Rape threat, it’s like I don’t even know what’s happening here, it’s like suddenly for the last 6 months it’s been raining Internet threats, for once I took some time off and chose to not post much, though I did post one daily post on Instagram, while everything going so weirdly weird, this week is very special, because on Sunday the 13th December 2020 I will be completing one year of my blog, I will be sharing an everyday post for these coming days on the blog and focusing on posts that didn’t make it to the blog, but were surely write ups,

While at it, it’s also an amazing accomplishment of sorts, with the pandemic in place and all the upheaval caused in this particular year, it was a tough year for everyone, nevertheless but I haven’t ever expected life to be easy, I am of the belief that I can take on the challenges in life, what happens and how it happens isn’t in our control, but we can surely have our actions in our control,

2020 bought along a pandemic, a deadly virus “Corona” to create and provide us a world that we never thought of, our life saw such turns that we probably never expected, an entire worldwide lockdown and a lot of introspection in the way of home quarantine and of course 4 months of complete cut off from the world, I chose to not post on the blog for the 2 months of lockdown and only started posting when the first phase of the lockdown opened up,

My home quarantine series saw a normal life of any other regular girl, who was following the rules and making the very best to work from home, this year also got us some and probably many financial awakening that we probably needed, in the way of financial crisis, I personally saw some myself, but my job calls for keeping up with the latest trends and styles, although I am clearly proud because I didn’t shop for an entire 10 months this year, only recently during Diwali I stepped into a mall, and also refrained from online shopping,

But I did keep my Instagram post very active with daily posting and keeping my feel alive and awake at all times, I put ACORSS my words and point in the way of my writing, as an introvert it was an amazing thing to do, I frankly enjoyed every bit of it, loved every bit of the simple styling and more importantly simple life, of living without no makeup and giving my self and my mind the necessary time to distant as I wanted to,

As an introvert I lived the quarantine life even before quarantine came along……hahahahaha I choose to keep a little distance and I am not very social or a party person, so it’s home, work and my own quite time for me along with some nice quite drives with family or my pets, I prefer life to be sorted and simple,

Personally this year my Instagram life and my opinions definitely got me some very good amount of hate, but people are lucky when it’s a direct attack, I have received this rubbish in my Instagram DM, keeping my dignity and my stand in mind I chose to deal with it in a clear manner,

My personal dispute also took a different turn, I learned the hacks of social media and of course that gave me a different prespective as to how social media works, whatever I witnessed I handled it the way it was supposed to, my perspective and USP of the blog and the fashion and lifestyle was definitely suppose to be about Awareness, I kept up to the point of bringing people one step closer to my life and kept opinions and words very transparent,

Social awareness definitely opened another door altogether, it made me write my perceptions on Women Security, their personal peril and struggle, ofcourse I also wrote on what Mental Illness can Do to someone and how mental health awareness is Needed in our society, how of-course Plagiarism( the mother of all issues that started it all ), along with a personal issue of a triggered individual who started an issue for no reason,

Very important part of my blog was surely the Travel prospects of my life, I travelled a lot in 2019 and well realised what a luxury travelling is and how you can miss it from time to time, I loved every bit of the comfort it bought, I was suppose to share my remaining travel post of last year 2019 to Jaipur, but since I travelled to Jaipur in December I totally waited for it, but my travel last year actually began with Singapore in August 2019 , which finally got a completion with my Trip in January to the Northern Himachal and Uttarakhand Mountains of India, and then arrived Corona !

I put this look together a week ago and it was all about comfort with a lot of fashion and a little of my own twist, of pairing a long skirt with a cool Bomber jacket and our very trusted companion The Mask, which got added as a “ New Normal” or rather a wardrobe essential,

So get ready for a lot many looks and a lot many post this week, as every day this week I will be sharing a special post, I hope you enjoyed reading this article and this post, so do let me know via comments and don’t forget to, like, share and follow , and Hope you all have a fabulous Week ahead, Thank you ! 💐

Outfit Details :

Bomber Jacket : Forever New India ( a really old one)

Black Skirt : H&M India

Sling bag : H&M India

Mask : Purchase from a Chemist store

Sunglasses : Ray Ban

Flats : Zara India

P.S this is complete no make up look and I have only applied my trusted Lipstick, as you know I chose to do the lockdown Looks without Makeup and keep it as Natural and Simple while being comfortable as Possible ! 💕

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