Makeup The No-Makeup Look !

Well hello there lovelies, how are your’ll doing this evening ? Well I hope everything is fine and amazing with your’ll, today’s vibe is all about peace for myself, I couldn’t be more relaxed, well I informed your’ll yesterday as to how I will be sharing a daily post this week, since I’ll be completing a year of my beloved Blog <Amorebyshonadewal> on this Sunday 13 December 2020,

Well the second post surely had to be the no makeup post, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to manage my skin during the lockdown days, we all are accustomed to clinical procedures and love what it does for our skin, I for once love the natural look, I chose to wear no makeup and only apply lipstick and keep my skin fresh at all times,

Happiness is a personal choice, your face Glows when you are at peace with yourself and can keep it simple in life too, so I decided that in this lockdown time I am going to not apply any makeup and keep my skin away from any products, and shot all my post ever since February with no makeup, it made complete sense to be and it kept my skin healthy and glowing at all times and my skin got to breathe and the natural freshness it needed,

Usually I would give at least 2 days a week to my skin to rejuvenate and to let the skin breathe and not wear any makeup, my mother has instilled this no makeup belief in me, it’s her favourite skin care routine, I even shared a post during lockdown for how she has taught me to maintain my skin with utmost low maintenance, and as you can see I don’t regret that, after all your mom is always right,

But when the lockdown opened, skin care clinics and dermatologist started operating again, I chose to still maintain my no makeup life and keep things as natural as possible, so decided to find my balance and only applied sunscreen and moisturiser on my skin when I stepped out along with the right lipstick shade,

Not many people know that if you choose not to wear makeup it should be fine too, it’s just got the glam effect too and so that your skin doesn’t look faded apply a nice bright shade of lipstick and you’ll be good to go, it will brighten up your entire face giving it a look and finish as though you are wearing makeup,

But now that we are in the last month of 2020, I finally decided to start wearing the very well preserved make up since we women love to spend on makeup, don’t we ?……hahahaha… I decided to do a detail no makeup post of my no makeup skin and why my pre lockdown looks have been without any glam, but to be honest I did miss my winged eyeliner and my matte finish makeup glow, I don’t choose to contour, or even use as shimmer or difficult intricacies,

I will still follow a much healthier makeup and skin routine and will keep you all posted, keeping yourself and your skin hydrated should always be a compulsion, and your mood and stress level also affects the skin, so rather keep it calm and manage things well without stressing, whatever it is that is troubling you will always find a way and you will find your peace,

So keep glowing , glow queens, after all its the women of our society that have found the right balance of things most of the time right ?

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it informative and love and understand my perspective or maintain a healthy skin and rejuvenation of your skin and your mind, body and soul, remember in this world everything needs time to heal, so as always give time sometime and it will all find its peace, lots of love and happiness to you all, and If you like this post, then please like, share and follow and feel free to give your feedback, Thank you 💐

P. S I posted this picture on 19th May 2020 on My Instagram Account: @amorebyshonadewal ( with my Mother) // Familia 🐻 ( NO MAKEUP SELFIE). .//I get my NO MAKEUP HABIT from my MOM, it’s the BEST NATURAL TREATMENT you can give to your skin, your skin requires to breathe too, sadly our everyday LIFESTYLE and WORK LIFE doesn’t allow us to follow a complete week of NO MAKEUP ROUTINE , I completely used this QUARANTINE time to REJUVENATE my skin, and let it breathe, that’s the reason that for the last 2 MONTHS I haven’t worn any makeup NOT even for Instagram POST and STORIES , instead of using total FACE PACK CARE you can also choose this CARE , the secret to glowing skin is the same as NATURE , in order to NURTURE NATURE you have to LET IT BREATHE , the same applies for your skin, the SECRET also depends on how you feel, your personality reflects the way you feel, so in order to achieve a GLOWING SKIN , allow it to BREATHE stay AWAY from PRODUCTS for sometime or at least ONE TIME in a WEEK and always stay POSITIVE REGARDLESS OF THE SITUATION ! :byshonadewal // #amorebyshonadewalwrites .

P.S this entire post is a no makeup look and you can totally spot my skin and my look this particular post and it’s also about healthy image and not body shaming or objectifying women in general, it’s all about maintaining a healthy balance and keeping it real and simple at the same time, oh btw I am totally randomly posing with my favourite roses !

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