Ho,Ho,Ho December !

Well hello there ! How have you all been ? Well the 3rd post this week had to be about Christmas Vibe and celebrations, December is special for me because of the celebratory mood and of course the Christmas spirit, I haven’t yet decorated my home for Christmas, but surely is in the process of it all, the reason I started Amore also in December is the same, I absolutely love Christmas, it’s my favourite festival, not just because of Santa, the tree or the Vibe but also I find the life of Jesus and what Lord Jesus inspiring stand for humanity ,

I attended a Catholic School, so the Bible and Christmas both played an important role in my life, my mother also attended a Catholic school, my Parents helped me decorate a Christmas tree ever since I was a little girl and my mom and dad totally played Santa for me, for a very long time I believed Santa exits and since I was a good kid he would leave me gifts, which would obviously be put There by my parents, my mom would make sure to buy me the right Christmas ornaments, even last year she helped me decorate the Christmas tree and our celebrations were intimate and Special,

So while I was out and about some days ago, I paired my Uncle Scrooge T-shirt from Zara with a Really old Red blazer that I purchased form Mango some year ago, along with my trusted ripped jeans and Skechers Sneakers and while the Sun was still shining I decided to protect my Eyes and wear my Ray Ban’s well ( well actually my Dad’s Ray Ban’s) , and carried my Mom’s very lovely Gucci Marmont along with it and since it was a sunny day with a slight bit of winter feel, I decided it was time for a hot cup of cappuccino, so well the trusted Starbucks with a Christmas spirit worked out completely well, Starbucks totally goes extra during Christmas, you have got to hand it over to them for that, soo Tada here I am posing away to glory with Christmas feel and whole lot of Style, hope you enjoy this Beautiful, yet understated but , well , comfortable look,

Hope you enjoyed reading this article, and the simplicity of it all, there’s a lot coming through this week, so stay tuned, while I share many more realities and my love for the simplicity of my life and different Vibes of Amore, if you liked this article please do like, share and subscribe, and of course follow, Thank You ! 💐

Outfit Details :

T-shirt : Zara India

Blazer : Mango

Jeans : Zara India

Sneakers : Skechers

Bag : Gucci Marmont

Sunglasses : Ray Ban

P.S this again is a no makeup look and I have only applied Lipstick !

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