Blackout Thursday !

Well hello there ! How have you all been ? How has this week been ? Well I didn’t post anything on the blog ever since Sunday, well I knew I wanted to work on my new content and post some throwback travel post, and shoot some nice style posts too,

Well this look i wore some days ago with no makeup when I was out and about and this look is all about how I prefer to keep things simple and look more understated,

Since it’s getting a little cold I thought that my kenzo Sweatshirt wouldn’t hurt and along with that I wore a sleeveless blazer and leggings, it’s a simple go to look for one of those days when you want to be comfortable and you also mean business,

I am personally of the belief that your personal and professional life should always be sorted and simplified, I don’t like complicated situations or rather people in general, it doesn’t mean I am mean to such incidents or people, it just means that I choose to ignore,

The past we live somehow plays a very important role in shaping up our present and deciding our future, like the mistake we commit in our PAST can affect our present drastically, and I am of the belief that some times you really need to look back in order to move ahead peacefully and rectify what has been done wrong, or rather answer to your KARMA, as human beings we all are responsible for our life and our family and an individual would do just about anything to save their’s and their family’s PRIDE and LIFE, not much can be said there or asked to be chosen, an Independent individual does whatever is right regardless of the outcome, it’s easy to DESTROY SOMEONE, but it takes a life time to make someone, so if your destructive actions has COSTED someone their LIFE and their PRIDE and SAFETY you have got to ANSWER for it at all COST, you can’t try to physically harm an individual just because your are DIRECTIONLESS in life yourself, a right BALANCE is needed in order to maintain the FAIRNESS, and well this totally represents my all black look along with a hint of a white, well monochrome with a touch of rose gold pink, as I said fashion is an expression, it’s an EXPRESSION of your life and your INTENSIONS,

So hope you all enjoyed reading this article and found it helpful and fashionable, if you did so then please do like, comment and share and also don’t forget to follow for more, lots of love and good health and happiness to you all, Thank you !💐

Outfit Details :

Sweatshirt : Kenzo

Sleeveless blazer : Zara India

Leggings : Mango

Sneaker : Dune London

Bag : Micheal Kors

Mask : Purchased from a local Chemist

Sunglasses : Ray Ban

P. S this a complete No makeup look, a Fresh Face working day ! Only applied my favourite lipstick !

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