When In the Pink City, Hawa Mahal Met Amber Fort ( throwback post of 31st December 2020)

Well hello there, so after a month long wait if not posting this post because of the corona virus pandemic, I am back with a impending post of my Jaipur trip, well this is a completely pending post, since I welcomed new year last year in JAIPUR, this year though We are still under curfew and people are refraining from travelling, I also chose not to travel and rather welcome 2021 at home itself, but here is a Major throwback post from how I welcomed 2020 while I bought in new year’s in Jaipur ( Rajasthan) only if I knew it would be the toughest year of our life, and this is complete travel post I am hoping at least this coming year I get to travel to the places that are on my bucket list, can’t wait for it, hope it works out well, so I am sure you guys have already read the part 1 of the pink city feels, and I hope I shared the experience well, now let’s talk about the day 2 !

Well so after a fulfilling trip to the Patrika Gate and GALTA Ji I was all ready in the morning to explore the Hawa Mahal and Amber fort, so my morning started with a full filing breakfast at the hotel, frankly For me breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I am a firm believer of that, the best part that TAJ JAI MAHAL PALACE had a make your instant egg station and frankly that’s the thing I love the most About buffet breakfast, Chef Burman who has been working with TAJ JAI MAHAL PALACE since almost 2 decades did complete justice to it, I got my eggs and breakfast just the way I would love them and the staff was ever so lovely and courteous, so basically I started each day with a really good vibe, what’s better than smiling faces ?

After breakfast I was already to head to the HAWA MAHAL, and I chose a Indian suit that I picked up from GLOBAL DESI like 2 years ago, I paired my suit with a biker leather jacket, just like any North Indian girl, and frankly I enjoyed my look, and it was comfortable, from 8 degree the temperature went to like 16 degree so that’s what is needed, so the climate was Hot and Cold,

So on my second day in Jaipur it was about exploring hawa mahal and Amber fort

Frankly it did live up to my expectations and I wasnt left disappointed,

Hawa mahal is an ancient Palace in Jaipur that consist one many many windows, known as “ jharokhas” in the olden times women werent allowed to attend the festivals so they watched all these festivals from their windows, and enjoyed every bit of it, Hawa Mahal again consist of many separate sections for the royal family and it has many many windows , its structure that is visible for photographers is usually mistaken as the front of the mahal, but it’s actually the behind of the mahal and the front is around the main market area, the entire area is known as “‘old Jaipur” since its consist of small street shopping where you can buy Rajasthani goodies, and mind you when you are around shopping in that area use your bargain skills well, since it’s like a loot, they are authentic but the shopkeepers charge people according to their judgment, so feel free to bargain and crack a good deal,

After exploring hawa mahal, I headed back to my hotel to actually have some tea and something to eat, frankly I didn’t want a heavy lunch so it was tea and some snacks and later I decided to head to explore Amber fort !

Amber fort is one of the oldest fort in Jaipur and frankly it’s one of the most important heritage marked by Unesco, I always explored it from the outside and attended the light and sound show that shows their history, if you visit Jaipur and end up to going the Amber fort you should surely watch that, now where the fort is considered it’s as beautiful as expected and completely lived up to the expectation, it’s ancient, and historic in all ways, I have always been more attracted to history in more way than one while growing up, it consist of various sections and rooms of the royal family and how in the olden time people spend their life, it totally emphasis on the meaning of life, electricity in the ancient times, from the mirrored wall room known as “sheesh mahal” to the of course the various other sections of the fort itself, it also has the court justice room where the public was addressed in the olden time, the tour guide around them kept saying “ it’s a wonderful and beautiful place”…..hahahaha…… well to be honest it truly was, and I would have enjoyed it more if it wasn’t crowded, since I visited it on a holiday so of course it had the locals and then of course the tourist too because it was one day before New Years, or rather the last day of the year , so well fair enough, so I did spend my 31st December looking around and roaming around a “ wonderful and beautiful” Place and it was a nice way to end the year,

After Amber fort I headed straight back to the hotel, where I was suppose to attend the gala dinner at the hotel, but because of some personal real I couldn’t, even after paying I chose not to go, since my work didn’t give me relief even on the 31st, I was suppose to pick up some gemstones, and since I was leaving Jaipur one the 2nd so I had to do it on that very day, I will be sharing the gemstones details also as soon as the designs are on their way at to production , by the time I got done with work it was really late, but I still made a little appearance and I bought in the new year in an all bling outfit this year, which is the complete opposite of my personality, frankly the “ sequins” did help me to brighten up my mood, and of course the next day was the day I had to explore the City Palace and Nargarh Fort, so yes I was really happy, and by around midnight I decided to call it a night and was looking forward to the next morning !

Outfit Details


  • Jeans: Zara
  • Jumper: Zara
  • Platform shoes: Aldo shoes
  • Shawl: Pashmina, bought when I am was travelling

Hawa Mahal :

  • Indian suit: Global Desi India
  • Pink biker leather Jacket: Only India
  • Wristlet Sling : Micheal Kors
  • Platform Shoes: Aldo Shoes

Amber fort:

  • White pullover: Zara India
  • Skirt : H&M India
  • Platform Shoes: Aldo Shoes
  • Wristlet Sling: Micheal Kors

New Years Eve:

  • Sequin Dress: Zara International
  • Golden Heels: Aldo Shoes

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