Tales from the City of Palaces ( Pink City – Jaipur )

Well hello there, so I am sure you have read the Hawa mahal and amber fort story, and I hope you enjoyed reading my experience, since it’s a lifestyle blog as I mentioned it before, I wanted to share with you my fashion, travel, dinning and my over all experience, well I welcomed my 2020 in quite a normal manner and it turned out to be a abnormal year of sorts, but nevertheless last year by the 2nd January in the evening I was home, but I welcomed last year working too, shooting content in Jaipur, travelling and doing what was necessary, I know good things comes at a cost, but that cost better be your work and your efforts for your work, not at the cost of your self respect, and I maintained that stance throughout the year and proved myself whenever I found it necessary and even stood tall through the difficulties that life throws around,

On the very first day of the year 2020 I was ready to have some scrumptious breakfast and then straight head to explore the City Palace and Nargarh Fort, I chose these two place for my very first day of the year, and Made sure to was up early since I was suppose to be ready by 9am, well since this was going to be my last day in Jaipur of sorts since the very next day I had my flight late in the evening, I wanted to make the most of it, and so I did,

Well I had smiling faces that welcomed me for breakfast and the first day of the year started on a good note, and as breakfast is the most important meal of the day for me, it was perfect, and yes after it I was very much ready to head to go and explore my amazing 1st of January experience ! And I choose an outfit of an entire set of Orange colour, too much ? I thought so too, but I went against my heart and chose the colour, since I prefer more of neural colours and so many colours were a little too much for me also, and decided to give it a try, as a gemologist I have studied colours in details and they play a very important role, so this time I decided to add these colours to my outfit, and i have got to admit it, my entire Jaipur wardrobe was a lot colourful than I originally hoped for, so I choose a orange palazzo pants, with a orange tie up sleeveless top, and I wore my pink leather jacket just because it was quite cold, but not cold enough to wear woollen clothes,

Before City palace we decided to visit Jantar Mantar since it is exactly opposite city palace, well it’s just artifacts made based on astrology, and explaining the old school methods of astrology and how the Moon and Sun signs depict our life and how it affects us, but the art pieces and architecture is worth the visit, since you’ll surely appreciate it, it has an old school methodology to it which you’ll surely appreciate , as usual clicked a lot of pictures of myself, after Jantar Mantar we decided to visit City Palace and we paid for the regular explore ticket, and didn’t go for the extravagant tickets and prices, you need to really be very careful since they definitely try to loot you, and the more not so causal you look the more the problems for you, So as soon as I entered City Palace it was crowded since it was the 1st day of the year, but never the less it was good enough since we made it early, and to be very honest it was one of the best decisions I made, so the City Palace is a Palace that belongs to the royal family of Jaipur, and they still live in one sections of the Palace and have opened the rest of the palace for public viewing purpose, since the palace is really old and has a lot of history to it, there is a palace museum explaining the royal family’s history and their old outfits are also put on display as to how they use to dress up, the other consist of a public addressing place and then you can finally see the four gates inside of city palace, these 4 different gates are famous for its intricate detailing and vegetable made natural colour work, well to be very honest I really found it beautiful and very well maintained at the same time, if you visit Jaipur you should surely visit the city palace, my experience was a beautiful and great one,

After the city palace and a quick stop for lunch and a quick change at the hotel, I decided to head to Nargarh Fort, I chose to wear a comfortable two toned dress I bought from Zara about some time back and paired it again with my constant favourite throughout the Jaipur trip my pink leather jacket, well not my best decision, because it was by afternoon 2:30 and it was really crowded because of the 1st day of the year, well just like amber fort, this fort also is at the top of a mountain and the slopes high up there could make Anyone uneasy, well again it’s an old fort and I wanted to see it for its architecture, I still managed to get to explore it but because it was overcrowded with young crowd, we decided to leave early out of there, but nevertheless it was a great experience,

Well after coming back at the hotel, late in evening by 7 we headed for dinner to Cinnamon restaurant at the hotel itself, since I wanted to explore the some local Rajasthani cuisines, but I went for my known dishes which was really good and worth the money which you wouldn’t regret for sure and I ended my night with a nice glass of wine and decided to call it a night,well my first day of the year was really good and not bad at all, now I was all ready to head home,

Well the next morning it was about breakfast and market visit until i could take a checkout, well after breakfast I took a checkout and until flight time, I decided to visit the local market in our hotel car itself, I had a amazing stay at the Taj Jai Mahal Palace, they were nice and kind and I enjoyed their hospitality, well I wanted to buy some souvenirs so I visited the market and spent my time well there, my local shopping didn’t include much except for some jewellery and precious stones,

After which I headed straight to our hotel to collect my luggage and head back to my busy life in Mumbai, my holiday was officially over and my life was awaiting me, it couldn’t have got better than Jaipur for New Years it was the prefect holiday I needed with my family and my world, it was all things beautiful and good and we came back, happy healthy and cheerful, and frankly it wasn’t still over because at the end of January 2020 another holiday was awaiting me, my birthday holiday, though I shared images on Instagram I didn’t share the detail post, but I’ll soon be sharing that too, and that one also turned out to be a good , happy and a very wanted experience, I will soon be sharing that experience with your’ll so stay tuned !

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Outfit Details :

Orange Monochrome Look :

Top : Vero Moda

Palazzo Pants : Zara India

Leather Jacket : Vero Moda

Sneaker : Nike

Beige and Black Dress Look :

Beige and black Dress : Zara India

Belt : Zara India

Platform heels : Aldo India

Leather Jacket : Vero Moda India

Dinner Look :

White Sweater Top : Zara India

Denim : Zara India

Stole : Pashmina Stole from a local market ( really old )

Sneaker : Nike

Airport Look :

Jeans and T-shirt : Zara India

Blue wrap Jacket : Rheson

Sling Wristlet Bag ( all three looks ) : Micheal Kors

Sneaker : Nike

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