Let’s See, When I Am out on a Prowl ! 🐆

Posted this Pic on Instagram on the 6th October 2020 with the caption // Somewhere ☘️🍃🎋🌱
// In the chaos of the world lies a silent heart that beats through the darkest hour, we somehow overlook what seems so important, are we just accustomed to hearing our own thoughts and voices ? Does the testimony of others don’t matter ? Are we not allowed to feel how we feel or how someone makes you feel ? How can one expect you to be nice to them after you just got disrespected and dragged by the mud ? How much is too much ? Is delusion of emotions healthy ? Does the outlook of our own choices only matter ? Well somehow things might be seeming strange at the present time, but how far can it continue ? Will we be able to walk the walk of time ? Or are we just going to be standing at a standstill ? :byshonadewal //

Hello lovelies ! I can officially declare my life as a Busy chaos, I have lived out of the most unrealistic experiences the last month, and no I was very active on Instagram but didn’t care about posting any blog post, I decided to also take some time off just to unwind and do something, after a difficult January, I needed the time and I love how everyone has been so kind and understanding, I am going to post a summary of all of my post i posted in feb, but yes I know I can’t blame my situation for my absence,

But can you ever time your absence ? No not really you’ll never know why something took over your emotions or your life, you will never know what’s to come, or what showed up, I waited to know something for so many years, I find myself so closer to the reality today, the familiarity, the element, the anger and all that was shared is now a distant reality, it’s a distance I lived for such a long time, and now I want to change so many things in the past, but I know I have no control over it, have you guys ever found yourself in such a position ?

Imagine can you face your fear ? In the year 2019 I took a sudden holiday flight with my mother to Singapore, and since then my life was busy a travel journey, and some how Corona came along and took a hold of emotions and life that probably couldn’t find the standing, it’s not a one last flight, but a Flight to come, but probably I dreaded my entire life and something I knew 4 years ago, and probably more safe than anything one could expect,

This pic I posted on Instagram on 22nd October 2020 with the caption // Over Acting Delusion Called, I hung Up ! 🐆💛
// JMD🙏🏻// #nomakeup
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Doesn’t the unknown bring any fear to me ? No it doesn’t that’s why I went bungy jumping when I was in Singapore(2019), I even readied my sweet Shimla(2020) travel post In January I updated about that on Instagram, and no it didn’t make it, I saw my self being on a Prowl for a long time, but I have personally chosen to not travel or take any journeys ever since lockdown opened up, well I was right, we are in March 2021 speaking of another Lockdown, I want to personally lock up all those who travelled when the lockdown opened up and didn’t understand the seriousness of an Epidemic , but as always I handled things the way I handle them, and here I am sitting at Starbucks writing this post right now on 16th March 2021 at 9:15 pm and starting right where I left things, and I came to Starbucks after two whole months and decided to sit, my family hasn’t been out and about for long time, the last time I went to a Cafe was the first week of January and after Snowy( my pet Persian) cat got sick, I just consciously made this choice for my family, I have only limited myself and my family for take out, and groceries shopping, why ? Well safety and precaution better than cure, just 2 days ago someone broke my car Glass, I would never understand what people get by doing this,

Why do these things happen with me ? Well it’s because of my write ups, in the coming days you’ll find the answer to why I have riled so many people up, reality apparently becomes too much for these people to handle, and I choose to put them in words, I follow rules and regulation with utmost care, I have watched many people trying to frame me in these past months but they have terribly failed at it, well why so ? Well because truth always wins and yes yes my attitude helps too,

So this look has been shot many many months ago,…….hahaha I posted a sneak peak some months ago but never ended posting the look, and here I am bringing a whole lot of Catty Print, leopard to be Exact, yes it’s MORE ME THAN ONE CAN EXPECT, but to be honest I LOVE MY ANIMAL PRINTS, one look is posing while in the WILDERNESS (CLOSER TO NATURE) and the other one is while Posing in the CONCRETE JUNGLE ( City ) there is hardly anyone who can give me competition in that arena……hahahahah, you’ll spot me bringing a whole lot of animal kingdom prints and emphasising as how these pieces are fashion classic and you’ll find them in every woman’s Wardrobe, it’s one of a kind love,

Pic posted on Instagram on 5th November 2020 with the caption // It’s always Fun Un-Masking Lies 😷🐆
// The idea and true Reality of Strength lies in determining the TRUTH, it’s easy to hide behind LIES AND FAKE CONCERN, one should never under-estimate their OPPONENT, no one ever forgives a CRIME, you can’t become so GREEDY for something that you KILL anything that LIES in your way, what belongs to one and all doesn’t have any ownership on it, it’s easy to Call someone else a FRAUD when you are one yourself, it’s easy to indulge in WRONG ACTIVITIES and keep dragging someone because you feel someone somehow will SAVE YOU, but the true reality remains that the ONE WHO CAN TRULY SPOT A MASK, will not only pull it out, but will bring it out to JUSTICE, your victory isn’t decided by your STANCE it’s decided by your VIGOUR, remember when a WOMAN GETS SHREDDED in public, SHE LEAVES LITTLE TO IMAGINATION WHEN IS OUT HUNTING, it’s not animalistic, it’s NATURAL INSTINCT THEN, because it’s not REVENGE, it’s HOW THE WORLD WORKS, people don’t care about others for their profit, When you are shown KINDNESS respect it, don’t mistake KINDNESS FOR WEAKNESS, don’t mistake SILENCE FOR DIFFICULTY, and most importantly don’t think that someone’s FINANCIAL DIFFICUTY MEANS that now that individual is UP FOR SALE, hardly, the one that survived every weather will SURVIVE AGAIN, so be careful and refrain from being a FRENEMY, or at least if you are pretending then get better at your PRETENCE, BECAUSE A TRUE ENEMY BEARS HIS Or HER SKIN, and a FRENEMY is a ENEMY PRETENDING TO BE A FRIEND ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites #amorebyshonadewalsocialawareness//
Pic posted on Instagram on 26th September 2020 with the caption // Learn to Tie your OWN shoe Lace👟💛
// Well some out and about daily anecdotes, while today was surely something, but anyway I was wearing the mask here but this happened while clicking some shots for Instagram and what a candid I must say ! :byshonadewal // #candidclicks #leopardprint//

So make sure you stay tuned, as a lot of it would be coming up on this blog in the coming days, I have many many things and bytes to share with you guys, thank you once again for being so amazing and supportive, lots of love and happiness and good wishes to each one you reading this !

P.S this is a special late night post !…….hahahaha one of a kind coming up at a random time, not a decent one for Women ? Well let’s make it decent then, I am fed up of listening to how women can’t travel in the night, and how they are expected to be a certain way !

Outfit Details :

Both the T-shirt : Zara International

Leggings : Mango

Tote Bag : Michael Kors

Sneakers : Skechers India

Leopard Print Stole : Accessories India

Sunglasses : Ray Ban

Mask : Purchased from a Local Chemist

P.S these are makeup Free pictures and the T-shirt post is shot in September 2020, and the Grey T-shirt post is shot in October 2020 !

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