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On one fine day when one wakes up, we find ourself in a place where we probably didn’t imagine life to bring us, I am right now standing at one such point in life, I never thought life would require me to be unkind and harsh, surely these times have changed me, but as always I will give myself the time I require, but I am in no mood to tolerate or forgive, all I want is my distance,

I have always forgiven the ones that have hurted me and move away from those people, but this is probably the first time in life where I am being asked to not only accept but tolerate the ones that I can’t stand, it’s a weird choice of life that I don’t wish to make, I am not okay with some people and I would want them to accept that too, it’s a place where you just walk away and accept the other person as dead,

These places and tough times brings us close to our own reality and makes us understand why those decisions were made and then you are unapologetic and you just know it’s what you want and what you wish to put up with,

I am finding my self more at peace with my choices, my rudeness, my complexities and somehow I am more accepting that probably I am suppose to have that attitude and ask people to walk away and not expect any greater for them out of me,

Life surely is changing and showing me shades that I probably didn’t think I would witness, my style frankly has changed and yet bought a lot of comfort along, I am not more balanced and understanding of my emotions, my needs and my wants, and my past definitely has no place in this present moving forward, I just know there are some I can’t choose peace with, not because there is malice or anything bad, but more like I don’t wish too,

I am ready to close the book, actually perhaps I have already closed the book and left almost nothing there, to understand, it’s a life post blog, full of emotions and understanding factors of one’s life, I am more and more closer to myself and getting far away from people, it’s a metaphor, I have often found people not understand metaphor, life is so many colours, for me it’s a spectrum of black and white, it gets more dark on somedays and on Somedays it fades, emotions is perhaps more fickle, it’s like a bullet out of a gun that left and you perhaps wished at that moment that it was you, but you know life is too beautiful and giving up isn’t even an option, even if the depths of the ocean is perhaps pulling you towards it, it’s not love that probably contemplates, but an unsaid reality that beckons, I read about the spectrum of love and colours of love some days ago somewhere and I just was amazed to find out as to how complicated such emotion can be,

Difficult or not but definitely difficult to live by , and each day you find yourself at the end of the ocean wishing that somehow it chooses to pull you away with it when you have failed to see the silver lining, but when born with the fighter spirit, death isn’t even an option, but calm and patience is perhaps more satisfying, on some days you find yourself spreading your arms and freely dancing away to glory, not because you feel free, but because you realise there is nothing that can perhaps bring the peace that your heart was wandering for, so many mood and so many emotions, just a heart to heart conversation the one you have with your friend over a cup of coffee, while I am sitting here with my cup of coffee, just asking you guys to live your best emotions and enjoy your fantastic life and steal those moments whenever necessary, well because you never know !

Lots of love and happiness wishing you all an amazing love and freedom of your soul, just a simple write up, GoodNight !

P.S these are random images with no make up and just being while I chose to get out and about for coffee !

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