Slithering Bold Serpent

Okay let’s Begin this one !
Oh Damm…..! Hahahaha 😂
Just slithering through the woods hoping to save my self from the real life Snakes ! Pic originally posted on Instagram on 10th June 2019 !

Hello there lovelies, the idea of love is totally difficult yet dangerous, but on some pedestals of life we find ourselves questioning our very existence, I haven’t been able to pen down my personal life on my blog, my write ups of Amore has been more about fashion and lifestyle, but I’ll be now putting up my write ups, it’s a collection of sorts and I hope you guys would enjoy it,

Let me take my Glares off !
Okay, Ok, Okie !
Peace out ! ✌🏻
Half heart + half heart = full heart ! ❤️

This evening I am sitting in Starbucks and writing this amazing article that sort of is the contemplation of what can be and what remains, as you know I have taken over the Animal Kingdom Prints of the world, it’s my way of understanding the co-existence policy of the human world, are we really getting along ? Or are we all heading to the bundle of emotions and a direction that probably wouldn’t make much sense ?

Mask on, peace out, smile away !
Watch every step !
Okay stop bothering !

Animals/ Reptiles have a better understanding Than humans and they happen to understand the rules and law of the land better than most, it’s probably more balanced than we could ever achieve, no wonder that we find ourselves often driven towards them in ways unknown to us,

Hmmm… it could totally be on point !
Again it’s just me !
Snake……Nagin………somehow in the concrete Jungle !

In our daily life we take these prints for an out and about of sorts, we have allowed these prints to dominate our wardrobe, it’s an amazing feeling, I don’t know what’s the feeling like, but surely it brings a Fearless and a more in control attitude, these prints are bold and fabulous and frankly a lot to tolerate, today’s print is a special one, my take though on it is more out there and basic, one is out and out look created last year and the other one is when I clicked these images to bring a more balanced and neutral feel to them, I think these pieces if paired and styled well can bring a good style and understated yet perfect vibe,

Ok alright let’s start !
Well you were saying ?
Future so Bright !

Well welcome the Bold-Est print in the animal kingdom, the Snake print, well the Faux one of course, I am absolutely against animal cruelty, it’s a miracle that pulling away their skin is now banned and quite something to be thankful for, I cannot imagine anything more painful, the Shedding of the Snake skin is seasonal and it means rebirth for the Snakes, they are Referred to as Nature’s true Guardians and these beings are anything but sartorial, they are rich in their ways and they instigate Fear with their presence around, Snakes only prefer to live in their wilderness and are not comfortable with Human life, it’s a peace somehow chosen by them, they are grounded and represent Power and Fear topped with mesmerising Hypnotic beings, they are celebrated, and this makes them good yet bad in their own way,

Curvy and Proud could be a title here !
Versions and Vision ! 😊
Smile just Smile 😊

I have often written about them, specially when I decided to give this print a try, I wore a Snake Print Dress for the first time in my life for my 21st birthday which I bought from French Connection, so somehow they print made way into my wardrobe very early, I am sharing that picture here too, where I am sitting in my Best friends lap…..hahahaha

Throwback to my 21st Birthday !

The first one was an all and all look that I purchased from H&M in 2019 and decided to be RAD and just wear the entire print, of course it was purely experimental,

Pic Originally posted on Instagram on 13th June 2019 with the caption : Welcome To the Jungle ! 🍃☘️🐍
Pic posted on Instagram on 25th July 2020 with the caption : Mannequin Camouflage 🐍🍀🌿
// Paused in a Time capsule, Dressed as the Nature’s true guardians, paying an ode(respect) to the Snakes representing rebirth and rejuvenation, The Nagas, The Sarpas, that clearly don’t advocate the Evil, the life form that represents the balance of good and evil, the existence of VENOM , and the idea of beliveing and keeping faith and remembering that VENOM cuts VENOM and choosing the right path and the decisions and outcomes of our own action ! :byshonadewal #nagpanchami #nagpanchmi🐍🕉️ #amorebyshonadewalwrites #fashiondrama #asthetic
// P.S it definitely took a lot of thinking to put this combo together as a print on print outfit, and surely I have no intentions of repeating it, and clearly it was an experimental fashion ! //#snakeprint #hm

The second one is of course my post lockdown look where I paired one Shirt three ways and the same look how it can make a different impact, we seriously lack creativity when it comes to reusing our wardrobe pieces, I like to take them for a spin of my own, and that’s what I did here provided a no make up and a normal go to look for any individual who is looking to add this bold print in their wardrobe,

The last one is definitely coming from a winter perspective where I decided to pair a high neck sweater top with the Snake Skin print pants and it’s more on the curvy, sexy, yet stylish style, it’s a little to out there when you just want to Accentuate your curves and give them the desired love and highlight you are craving !

Well hope you enjoy this beautiful and yet simple and classic post and yes I have posted when these particular looks have been shot, Via my Instagram, it’s better to get the timeline right ! And again like all the other prints this is again a special 12 Am post !

P.S the 2019 look is with make up, the October 2020 look is without make up and so is the November look ! I hope you enjoy reading this article ! Thank you ! 💐

Outfit Details :

Shirt : H&M

Pants : H&M

Denim : Zara

Tote Bag : Micheal Kors

Bag :Coach

Snake Print Sling Bag : Dune London

Heels : Zara

Sunglasses : Ray Ban

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