Well hello there, so here we go again, it’s March 2021 and we are entering another lockdown due to Miss or Mr Corona, the pandemic surely pulled a hard and a score on people by suddenly surprising them that while take became easy going, Corona decided to multiply, all that said Aside I frankly feel it takes a huge toll on people and their financial state while Corona lurks around,

Smile like a flower and Bloom 🌷☘️🍀
Watch while you can ! 👀☘️🍀

I have been Missing in Action well because I caught food poisoning and had to rest at home for 3 full days, I have literally not taken so much rest before, definitely not having the best of my health scene, while at it I promoted a post on Instagram and all hell broke loose, because apparently the post seemed Sexy ? And kind of accentuated my Body, I wonder where were all these people the last year when I literally went through living hell and nobody found one single fault back then, Apparently Booty is a problem, oh and also A hint of your Bra showing is, but some section of the society found it absolutely normal in targeting the Booty back in February 2020 and commenting on a woman’s cleavage ? Was that even ok ?

I posted this picture originally on the 17th September 2020 with the caption // Oh My ! 🐚🌷🕊#followersdoesntsignifytalent
// When VANITY becomes an ADDICTION And FAME becomes a LIFESTYLE, COMPASSION jumps out of the WINDOW and you are left to wonder ARE WE ALL on SOCIAL media just for EARNING FOLLOWERS, does our WORDS and EFFORTS mean nothing, ARE WE ALL puppet to the FAME psychology, where the RICH whenever QUESTIONED speak about FOLLOWERS and the MEDIOCRE honest living person is made to look like the BEGGAR (GAREEB) on the street ? I mean what has life even come too ? How will The silently watching and patiently judging MIDDLE CLASS and LOWER MIDDLE CLASS ever last these harsh words or REALITY DEFAMATION ? CAN YOU EVEN give a REALITY check to the person who fails to SEE AHEAD OF HIS OR HER POWER ? I wonder………:byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites//
Nature aha ! 💚☘️🍃

As usual I haven’t payed any heed to such Garbage, because well frankly it’s Garbage and Garbage should be tossed outside, rather than collecting it, I keep myself sorted under all circumstances, I don’t find the need to justify myself in any god dam way,

Eye Contact ! 👀🌷🦋
It’s a reality ! ☁️☘️

A woman/Women in the society somehow find themselves being questioned each day on their actions, their body or their sexuality, we celebrate women’s sexuality and at the same time look down upon it, when men lurch on a woman nobody thinks what it does to her, but when the same woman finds foothold in the boldness she starts to get questioned, comfort should always be an option for every woman, and giving her the right to freedom shouldn’t be a choice which has to be made, instead we live in a free world and freedom was, is and will always be a choice, anyone who tries to curb that freedom should be punished,

On somedays Just ! 😌

Asking a woman to adjust with you for work purpose is nothing but exploitation, buying a woman’s body and soul isn’t sex trade then what is ? Promising success to a woman instead of her body is like giving her a poison and having sex with her living corpse, many woman find their solace in such acts, some find thrill, but to some it’s unbearable, asking a woman to give up her power and adjust with the shame of a Man’s glorified Penis isn’t Manhood, so if a woman is dealing with something like that, well then you know what it is, no woman wishes to have a man on top of her body who would say to her if you agree with me I’ll give you the world, might as well live in that world alone,

You’ll Laugh when Something is Funny 😁😊🤗
Don’t get Distracted ! ☘️

Where as the lockdown is concerned I have very less to say there but I’ll finally choose to say, a Weekend lockdown was the first to occur to me, COVID cases need to be controlled because the doors to travelling hasn’t opened up and it’s not about one life but many, a human rights situation would always be a human rights situation, nobody is above the life of the people, and while at it in a fast pacing city like mumbai where shopkeepers earn their daily wage in the name of daily sales we need better systematic laws, I am not questioning the management here but just trying to come up with better solutions, up until yesterday people were earning and today only essentials are open, so may be a COMPLETE WEEKEND LOCKDOWN should be a option and a normal human being should be allowed to EARN ON THE WEEKDAYS, while maintaining the Night CURFEW, here I am not just CRITICISING but as usual coming up with my own point of VIEW, I was out and about even yesterday to buy the groceries thank god I got done, but let’s have COMPASSION, it hurts me to see so many lives suffer just because of circumstances, and while at it the NEEDS AND WANTS of the people should be above anything and no I don’t have any problems with the government, well why would I it’s not like they owe me anything…….hahahahaha,

Peace out ! ✌🏻😊😁
Walk the walk of life with Pride ! 😁✌🏻😊

So while at it this post is not a RANT but just how LIFE HAS BEEN and I feel these kind of post become absolutely necessary once in a while, while at it, I am at home following the laws and obeying the lockdown rules, Stay safe and Stay happy, peaceful and kind always !

Smile through it All ! 😁
Ok alright Corona ✌🏻😷

Well I shot these images last year and didn’t end up posting up on the blog, tough I posted two pictures with a caption of ongoing crises, and well my life hasn’t been an easy one, but who even lives a easy life ? While at it have fun and Keep smiling everyone lots of Love and happiness and Kind wishes to each one of your’ll, Thank You 💐

I posted this pic on Instagram on the 13th September 2020 with caption // Oh Hi There ! 👋🏻 #notmissingthesemoments
// Some days are to be the person you want to be, some days are for gratitude and some days are to face the difficulties and complexities of life, for once I have learnt to bounce back from whatever that gets me, it’s sort of an attitude fix, I like that sort of vibe, whatever the problem just face it, deal with it and move on, people are strange in today’s time, they have all the time in the world to plan and PLOT, in my opinion all that gets very tiring, for me the agony of life lies in understanding that LOVE somehow will feel AND remain CONSTANT even if you are MISSING in action or RATHER THE WAYS OF LIFE ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites//
Originally Shot in the first week of September 2020 and edited on the 15th September ! ✌🏻

P.S that’s my Pet Fur on my Sweatshirt, and I am proud of it, it’s before I got these shots taken, because I had taken them along with me for a drive, and frankly it’s every PET PARENT STORY, I thought it’ll be a right feel of ACCEPTING THE REALITY, and how we live along the lines, so clearly not the MADE UP TYPES…..hahaha hope you like the posts !

Outfit Details :

Old Jumper : Vero Moda

Denims : Zara India

Sneakers : Nike

Mask : Local Chemist Shop

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