Shimla : Queen of the Hills( oh Btw Happy Earth Day ! 🌍❤️🌹

Frozen Face ❄️
We look at each Other While it Matter !

Well hello there people ! How have you guys been ? Hope everything is treating you guys well and life’s being good ? Well life isn’t going to be just smooth ? Is it ? No right but can we make most of the time that is granted to us ? Well hell yeah ! While at let’s go into a flash back and state what actually matters ? Well ya throwback to a year ago, when I decided to celebrate my birthday(25th Jan 2020) up high in the Himalayan hills, as memorable it has been it also shaped me into the person I am today, which is anything but easy……..hahahahaha

Oh hello there !
Ok I got to the Mountain !
A good breakfast Never Hurt No One !
Chai !

So well I chose shimla for its beauty and frankly I travelled there as a child, I wanted to take my mother to shimla since she never went to shimla, my bucket list for 2020 involved travelling around India, well life had obviously different plans for me, my life still requires me to put my foot down and stay homebound,

Oh Hi there 🌹
Pink Candy Floss Clouds !
A whole lot of Pink ! 🌸
Somewhere peaking through !
A Small little girl in the Big thundering World 🌸🤍

Well my arrival in the snow capped mountains and the lovely Oberoi Wildflower hall shimla was anything but a quick trip, since it took quite a lot of time to get there, and I enjoyed every bit of my road trip with my mother, it was peace and calmness, which is what I exactly needed, my life knew better, as the pandemic bought a lot of personal struggles for me, my 29 definitely warned me and got me my much required peace and calmness that helped me through out the 2020, my beautiful experience shaped me into the marvellous person I am today ?…..hahaha ya 10 years of experience brings this and I can comment and promise that I am still learning,

Okay I Got this one, Thanks, and oh BTW it was worth all the Trouble !
What an amazing and sweet Gesture ! (By the hotel ofcourse……hahahaha )
Happy fucking congratulations Birthday to Me 😂🤣

Shimla is a quite and quaint city, it’s famous for its natural beauty and I can guarantee it did not disappoint me, it was every bit the Marvel and wonder I expected it to be, great people, kind helpful and smiling faces and great hospitality, in one word I wasn’t disappointed by the amazing Queen of the Hills !

The Walk Of life !
Yeah yeah I am little person !
Nothing Better Than Snow Caped Mountains !
Ok hi There !

My fashion choice was ofcourse fashionable yet comfortable and yes I wasn’t the only one who resorted to long comfy coats, but I saw quite a crowd that stood out, although my all white look to the market stole the show…..hahahaha I had quite the look on…..well I am sure by now you all know my love for all white, though I celebrated my birthday in my house before leaving for Shimla,

You know This is What I Look at you like ? Right ?
Just some Deets !
Oh look !
So this is Shimla’s famous Mall Road, I don’t regret this Trip One Beat !
Little Shona Shining Bright in the Sun 🌸❄️
No I am not waiting for anyone, was just on my way for dinner so thought to get some clicks !
White and so much more White for my 29th which was last year !
Whoever Said you Can’t wear your Pyjamas Out ! 🤍
A nice glass of wine and Pasta, is what gets me everytime ! ❤️

I chose an all white outfit both times, and later I did invite some controversy too, so here is post my look and the pictures of the absolute picturesque Shimla which has a Mall Road to shopping for locals and great atmosphere, it’s the kind of place you should be in when you want to get in sync with yourself and nature, it’s beautiful, clam and amazing, a different life from the city life,

Somewhere in The woods !
Oh hi Up in the Moutains !
Yes I did get there, and what a view, oh btw this is a really famous lord Hanuman’s temple with the tallest statue there, as you can see the statue peaking through in the previous picture !
Blue clouds and Small tiny houses ! That’s Shimla for you, but the people out there are quite nice !
Candy Floss Dreams !🌷🍦
The famous Shimla Church, though I didn’t get to visit because when I went it was Shut ! 🤍

These trips are more like a trip you would take for the amazing beauty of the mountains, a road trip that was pending, the understanding of my heart was lurking for, was it the roses or the thorns that would make it to my life ? The moment of understanding for contemplation, and frankly It didn’t disappoint, I was ready to take on my life and I had a better understanding of my heart and my choices, and I can happily say I have turned 30( This Year ) with NO REGRETS of the choices I have made, they have been tricky, but nevertheless soothing, which has bought me a lot of personal peace to my heart, I am glad I have found what I was looking for, and probably have a better understanding in the matter of heart and the battle of the heart and the head,

Yes I saw that, and let me tell you I don’t care !
You better be as good as this Wine, or otherwise it would just be other way !
What a View !
Looking At You Like ! ❄️🤍
In the woods !
This was the Most terrible Experience of my life, I came sliding down the ice mountain, thankfully a nice kind man held my hand tight and caught on to me the last minute, I only did this for my mother, she just wouldn’t resist the idea of not going up on the mountain, it was slippery at its best, but all’s well that ends well, but this picture is clicked on the 26th of Jan a day after my 29th birthday and well what can I say I did not Die, still breathing, and hopefully hopeful !
This was my Outfit when I went up high in the Mountains !
Somewhere !

PRO-TIP : what’s yours will always remain yours, don’t fret and don’t regret, today’s struggle will mark the amazing sunlight and sunshine awaiting you at the end of this ugly chapter of life, a trip to the mountains bought a lot of peace to me, and I definitely left my heart somewhere in the mountains, may be now the mountain could bring me those amazing Roses…………hahahahah doesn’t hurt to expect love from this amazing puzzle called life ! 💓

P.S Originally written on 23rd of January 2021

My last Day in shimla !
Aye aye !
It was a good stay ! Thank you Shimla 🤍❄️🌸❤️

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