Mussoorie: Into The Uttarakhand Mountains

At the Top of the Mountain just Feel the Air !
When it Rains, It pours ! (Originally posted on Instagram on : 18th Feb 2020)

Well hello there ! So have you all missed me ? Hahahaha I believe not……hahah just kidding, well with the Corona virus living it’s life and making sure India witnesses its Nightmare here I am putting this blog post together, well I thought I should finally get done with these pending travel post, the life before Corona, oh what a relief it was right ? The good old days after all…..

Take a Flight, Once in a while You might not Regret it In fact might find something precious on the Way ! ( originally Posted on Instagram on : 9th May 2020)
Flight OOTD should be all about comfort !

For me personally back in January 2020 a travel plan Included form travelling to musoorie after Shimla, it’s almost two different states and it took a total of 8 hours for me by road to reach musoorie from shimla, shimla is in Himachal Pradesh, whereas musoorie is in Uttarakhand, I always wanted to travel the north by road and witness its surreal beauty, I will share the videos and pictures here for you to know what exactly I am talking about, oh and the January time was a perfect weather to visit these places,

Sometimes, Just sometimes calm down, Sit Down and Observe the beautiful View ! ( originally posted on Instagram on 12th March 2020)
Oh Dammm…..Quiet Literally 😂
Oh hey Bae, Mom clicked this picture of me being me, and hey you can totally spot my mom’s sneakers there too…….hahahaha 😂( originally posted on instagram on 4th March 2020)

Though Uttarakhand had other plans for me, the weather forecast and the Gods definitely made sure I witness the Rains and Snowfall together and know exactly how it snows and get to see it, I looked up in the sky and thanked the god’s for fulfilling my this dreamy wish,

No No I am not going to Jump, but I am surely Walking Towards Something Unknown and I have Never been More Sure !
The View of the Mountain Brings me Peace, I left my heart high up in the Mountain Gaze ! ❤️
Boo- You ! ( doing a throwback year Ago post )

After leaving from shimla and travelling by road in our comfortable tourist vehicle with our very responsible driver as Thomas Cook India took care of my Travel plans and made sure I was safe and had my schedule perfectly planned, I reach musoorie after an 8 hour road drive, and man was I glad to witness the mountain life ? Well totally it’s the kind of place you take off to for some peace and quite, the mountain life isn’t for us city folks though because it’s slow and definitely different, and musoorie isn’t exactly an over populated place though, they are the simple people living on the simple slopes of the twirling mountain roads, I wonder how the hybrid’s from Mussoorie that have moved to mumbai from Uttarakhand turn out to be so bitchy ? Or is that a sense of insecurity or an inferiority complex that gets to them ? God knows what, but the people there are surely kind and friendly so don’t judge them on the bitchy entitled fools from Uttarakhand or the Mountains that you would find here( In Mumbai ),

Life before Corona, when I decided to travel and explore the world, and then the world turned upside down for me ! ( Originally Posted on Instagram on 19th April 2020)
Yes there,There is my Trademark the Peaceful Heart !
I am just Cosy here !

I chose the JW Marriott Walnut Groove for my stay while in Uttarakhand, I was there for a total of only 3 days and I believe that was perfect, because there is nothing to do there, expect for local activities such as mountain trekking or just some wellness centre, I specially chose musoorie for my mother and well the view from hotel completely made for the spectacular mountain life there is,

This was Captive in the mountain Resort while the weathers plays the spoil sport Picture ! ( originally posted on Instagram on 5th April 2020)
Oh the View, just wanted to flap my wings and Fly, little did I know what was sneaking around ! (Originally posted on Instagram on 16th April 2020)

Well the first day I got there was already evening time so couldn’t do much so I had dinner in the hotel and then chose to go to sleep after a tiring journey the next morning the rain gods surprised me and came in falling so I couldn’t do much though I still made a trip to their local market, and it was just about fine, and visited a Buddhist temple which was shut because of the rains but I still got to see lord Buddha and seek his blessing and turns out it did turn out for the right, after getting back to the hotel I chose to stare at the amazing mountain view covered in fabulous rain oh my the beauty,

Okay I am ready, did someone say Food ?……hahahaha ( Originally posted on Instagram on 12th March 2020)
Happy Baby Pose, when you find my this happy know that I am truly happy then !
I am not even going to lie, I somehow know what I know ! ( Originally posted on Instagram on 5th June 2020)
If I had a Bae would take him away to the Mountains when you would want to truly disconnect from the world and connect with each other ! ( Originally posted on Instagram on 18th March 2020)

The next day I was in for a more stern surprise because this time the gods chose to make me witness snowfall which I was totally craving for, oh how I loved watching the snow fall, my mom was superbly happy for me that the god’s were so kind and fulfilled my this wish, though it was a bummer for tourist because the road was blocked with snow, I still went to the market area, clicked some pictures and in the hotel had an amazing dinner, well the third day I had my flight so there wasn’t much but if you find the chance to visit musoorie and want some peace and quite and want some fresh air and closer to nature it’s the place to be, it’s the key for rejuvenation, of your mind and soul, I had the perfect company of my mother and nothing could bring more happiness to me,

Yes I was just happy to take in some Sunlight here as my face was frozen with the cold temperature, no it wasn’t forgiving ( Originally Posted on Instagram on 7th May 2020)
Snowy mountains and frozen face ! ( Originally posted on Instagram on 22nd April 2020)

The next morning after breakfast I was off to the Dehradun Airpot to take my flight back home as my Darling Nado, Tia and Snowy were waiting for Me, it’s such a fond memory, because I lost my Snowy( my Persian cat) on the 25th of April 2021 and nothing can ever fill that void in my heart, and these memories bring back so much and make me just have a smile on my face thinking of how my babies were safe in my absence back then, and now I have to worry of sadistic venomous vultures eyeing them and their peace, not the best place to be in emotionally, but I am holding up strong and nothing brings me more joy than looking at all these memories and smiling and trying to be hopeful, hope we all get through out tough times as at this moment the entire world is suffering and kindness, humility, humanity and Hope is the only thing that can help us get through !

Asian Food is my Constant for sure !
Dinner Ready inside the hotel ? Well no where else to go, but all for the beauty and calm of the Mountain ! ( originally posted on Instagram on 4th April 2020)
Break a Bread like Jesus and then say Amen ? Can I get an Amen ? Yes I know I am chubby…..hahaha ! A Pink Panda Vision for sure ( in this case food Vision )
Breakfast is a Must ( and the most important meal of the day for me )
Just the food- gram along with food- coma……..

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and found my travel diaries and my mountain experience helpful and positive, it’s an amazing life and place to visit, thank you for always being kind and supporting me, please like and share and follow if you like this post, Thank you ! 💐

This was when I was done and ready to head back home, mini who would surely find her Mickey ? Hahahaha yes I like to be childish as times….oh btw that’s a lot of luggage for a week’s trip but then what can I one do ? Blogger life is difficult, and serving looks and Real content becomes necessary, oh btw that’s my No makeup face,and I don’t care look !
A Quick Reel of my Insta Travel update of the Mussoorie Trip, you can check the highlight on my Instagram ID( Amorebyshonadewal)
A Quick Reel of my Insta Travel update of the Mussoorie Trip, you can check the highlight on my Instagram ID( Amorebyshonadewal)

P.S post originally written on 6th May 2021 and the travel diary is from January 2020, this is a Throwback Post !

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