Rainbow Of Emotions( Moments)🌈💕💐

Pic posted on Instagram On 30th June 2021 with the Caption // It’s a Matter of PRIDE 🌈
// It’s an amazing feeling to walk into a Rainbow of your love and the possibility to witness and live the life you wish to, sometimes life throws a spin around and you just keep up with it, no matter what consistency takes people a long way ahead, not many can master that, but that should be mastered, life is a learning process, and while at it adaptability increases better results, and on that note here I am just being myself while celebrating the idea of life while living my daily life challenges and I also thought to take my old mask out for a spin, it’s old and worn out but could make a difference and while at it take Pride in however and whatever you do and live and create the most amazing life for yourself, keep some positivity alive, I know it’s difficult but it’s not impossible ! :byshonadewal // #amorebyshonadewalwrites
Sometimes it really Doesn’t Matter !

Hello there ! How are your’ll ? Hope all good, this post is surely a special yet not so special one, it’s on my random moments and of-course my feeling and belief’s In life and of course what I have been feeling and going through, the last few days have been more than unusual, it’s just me being me, but I have surely found a different way of dealing with things and ofcourse the approach matters, and all that kept aside I realised that some things and matters need to be dealt with the way they deserved to be dealt with,

Just Smile !
Hello there !
Walk into the Rainbow ( in this case a wall just used to specify the importance of walking into the Rainbow ) ! 🌈

Empathy, love, grace, kindness and Peace can only be an option till and when someone chooses the same as you, if not then it’s as useless as it may seem, because whether or not someone will have a change of heart isn’t guaranteed, and while at it we have to carefully learn to deal with things and only choose grace when the time and need calls for it, and most of the times these emotions are situational than most situation,

Ok !
It’s my irritated face clearly !

Conversational reality is probably the best one, it’s like you are living the conversation with an individual but nothing really comes out of, it’s all good in voices and words but it’s never put to use, so it’s sort of a negotiating agreement between two people till they come to point of dealing, until then it’s just status Quo, and somehow we seem to live this Conversational reality in our day to day life, and put up with the difficult To-Be(futuristic) Situation and ignore Fatal circumstances not only for yourself and your family but for many others,

Mask on !
Peace out panda ! 🐼

I used these images for the Pride Month ( which was last month) frankly the idea of celebrating a certain victory in the society specially the one that celebrates liberal views on Love only for a month is sadistic but it’s better called for as it’s more appreciation and respect for the deserving, while at it, I love the idea of celebrating love, and frankly my views remain more liberating and approach somehow is justified, the pride symbolism of Rainbow itself shows the possibility of a together and forever love and a love that celebrates all,

Tie your own Shoe Lace ( in short be responsible) 😊
Pic posted on Instagram on 4th July 2021 with the Caption // KICKING HIGH UP IN THE AIR LIKE A NINJA MOOD, Can you tolerate my MOOD ? 😉//💕💖🖤🐼
// It’s a reality that makes us livid at times , like the possibility of a fandom, like the possibility of creating their Obsession for the colour PINK and then taking the credit to themselves, like the obsession to involve their daily CHAI drama and then me just existing, it’s these little things that made my life hell( in their eyes) for the last one and a half year and man have I tolerated so many of these, you know they are a Fan because simple they can’t be without, their MERE existence is a JOKE to them and THEIR KATTY-NESS becomes more and more EVIDENT , and whatever you do it’s going to get COPIED or PLAGIARISED, and let alone you have to call them out for the silly behaviour, I refrain from that, I now have the most amazing treatment for these WANNABE’s and I simply marvel and enjoy at that reality, YOU speak on something that in their eyes makes you a better human they have to come around and start lurking and showing their DESPERATION, let me be clear, it’s not a COMPETITION, and definitely a one that aren’t WINNING at, the easiest way to my HEART is to be REAL AND BE A GOOD HUMAN BEING, which these days is a RARE quality, and while at it I couldn’t have made myself more clear in the UNDERSTANDING of the situation of my life, people love to earn some POINTS FROM ME, the worst is when they start to think I’ll let them take CREDIT for my work, ( In the name of being an IMAGINARY QUEEN of the RUN-OUT or so ) so I quietly WATCH and don’t let these things get to me, the DESPERATION is more hilarious and vivid to LIVE by ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites

So here’s to many more words, and victories to come and of course the understanding the grace that probably requires us to be more well aware than necessary, we can never be too sure and yet we can never be to relaxed, it is a two way road but you can choose whatever is necessary and you shall find the Rainbow at the end of the Tunnel and while at it celebrate life being the Power, Love and Empathy that you can be, because clearly it’s not vanished yet and somehow these strong emotions does help us in our day to day life, while keeping your choices and your dignity in tact !

Pic Posted on Instagram on 16th June 2021 with the caption // Take Pride In Being Who You Are ! ❤️🌈#pridemonth
// Blended among so many colours, looking for acceptance for their Love, living through the Subjection of Society, the racial Slur, the insult and more importantly the objective attitude to categorised them, a yin and yang is assigned to all, so who are we even to choose whom we love, I stand with the idea of celebrating love Throughout the Struggle of being who you wish to be, it’s like a crippled love story for the once lacking behind, how can we even stop Love from growing and not finding its foothold in people’s life, this picture here represents the idea of not living in a objectified way and more importantly celebrating the idea of living through the kaleidoscope of the Rainbow peaking through the Dark shadows of the World, They Say Love is Blind, thank god for that, at least it doesn’t judge then ? So here’s to celebrating Love, as showing my most humble gratitude and Love, though I would love for all my friends belonging to the LGBTQ community that they don’t necessarily need a month dedicated to them, but it’s deserving because well the world did not make it Easy for them and Yet here we are celebrating the Idea of Love, so be who you want to be, love who you want to love and don’t let anyone dictate the idea of your life, well because it’s all about LOVE ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites #pridemonth2021
// P.S I hope you like this little Art work of mine, well I wanted it to be blended within those colours…..//

Hope you enjoyed Reading this article, you can follow me for more on Instagram and Facebook ( @Amorebyshonadewal Page) and like and share them too, and provide constructive feedback if necessary, I am grateful for the time you took for reading this article, Thank You ! 💐

P.S this is a Complete No make up look and the styling has been kept simple and understated at best, because this was going to be a just Being Post, and I Used my Old Mask which is clearly worn out, for keeping the post at real as possible , that it’s been a along time but Corona is still around, so Stay Safe and Follow the necessary Guidelines and Precautions and only Step out when necessary, like here I was out after 2 months for getting some stuff !

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