Vada Pav, A Mumbai Lifeline !( And Side Mumbai Style Bhajiyas and Bhajiya Style Sandwiches) 🍔❤️

Vada Pav and Indian Style Sandwiches Anyone ? 🍔❤️😊
A Vada Pav Mood Board ! 😊
A Close up of the deliciousness ! 🍔

Well hello there ! So how have you been ? It’s been a long time since I posted ? Hahaha no not really, the last post I posted was about looking towards the RAINBOW, though after the Uttarakhand post this was suppose to be the next post, but I waited this one out, I shot this weeks ago though, hope you all enjoyed reading the previous post and my travel diaries too , this post is a little off the charts and the first one of it’s kind because it’s a home-cooked( Maa Ke haath ka khana and also cooking done by me) in this case it’s cooked by my mother, so this one is the first of it’s series food related post, I have often posted my Food post on my Instagram stories and as my post too,

Hayeee Vada Pav ❤️😊🥰
Okay a nice yummy Quick Bite ❤️
Let me stare at it, after all food is my One true Love ❤️😊

Last year during the lockdown with everything shut and a sudden shock everyone chose to create our classic daily recipes at home, and one of the Mumbai specials is surely Vada Pav, Vada Pav is every Mumbaikar’s ( People living in Mumbai are often referred to as that) life, it’s often a joke that in Mumbai we have more Vada Pav then blood in our body…..hahaha kidding it’s just a Feel and a Vibe in on it’s own, it’s also been a classic recipe from my mom’s kitchen, and mind you A Vada Pav is a must for me,

So just me sitting and chilling with my Vada Pav 😊
Again Just !
Okay peace out ! ❤️

During the lockdown I really missed eating a Vada Pav from Anand Stall Opposite Mitibhai college in Vile Parle, these stalls that are there outside these colleges are very famous for their fast food, and they take good precautionary measures too normally, in fact this particular stall has been there forever, even when I was in college, I would go from my college with my friends back then to grab a Vada Pav from Anand stall, and outside my very own college there is a famous stall of the best Sandwiches ( known as Jay sandwich) i’ll speak about that some other Time,

This image was Originally Posted on Instagram on 11th April 2020 with the Caption // Home Cooked Vada Pav Kind of Saturday 🥪
// Swipe to see how happy I am right now after eating this street treat at home, if you have been following me you must be already knowing my love for Vada Pav, and tonight I finally had it for dinner and a Homecooked one even better 😊// P.S I am NOT wearing any MAKEUP here too, well after all I am at home, so just skipped the glam time🙈😂//
This Image was Originally Posted on Instagram on the 20th April 2020 with the Caption // My regular Day 💖🐼
// Clicked currently at home, Was missing coffee so thought of having some, along with some onion bhajiyas, yes you can’t get more Indian then this, evening snack as dinner 🧆🥤😊❤️// P.S Swipe to see more pictures and please ignore my NO MAKEUP look, I am as casual as one should be at home lots of love ❤️💋// .

So but obviously during the lockdown down last year I was missing this very important food, so I asked my Mother to make it for me and boy was I Glad, but then I didn’t have the green and the red chutney to go along with, which I made up for this year, along with nice and not so spicy green chilli,

Just me Enjoying a Nice Indian Style Bhajiya Sandwich 😊🥪
Indian Style Aloo Bhajiya Sandwich 🥪❤️😊
Peace out ! 🥪😊
A Sandwich Mood Board ! 🥪❤️😊

It’s a funny story but Vada Pav is vey easily affordable, it’s a often known As a Poor Man’S Burger and frankly it is indeed Mumbai’s burger, everyone enjoys eating a Vada Pav in Mumbai whether you are Rich or Poor, it’s a equalising element of our society, and all prefer to eat it from our classic Mumbai stalls, I once had someone say something really mean to me in a slang “ that he’ll get me to my Vada Pav ki Aukaad” which means he’ll make me a beggar, hahahah little did he know that my Vada Pav ki aukaad( status) will cost him so much that all he would want is for me to buy him some Vada Pav, but frankly I took it in a right manner and till date haven’t given up on my beloved Vada Pav,

Okay Vada Pav !
Just Being !
Happy Smile ! 😊

So Some days ago I asked my mother to make this extremely delicious dish along with some Indian Style Aloo Bhajiya Sandwich ( made with Vada Pav filling in a sandwich style only deep fried using Besan flour for coating ) and I am also posting pictures when last year I asked my mother to make Bhajiyas for me( oh they are onion, potato, spinach fried in Besan Flour ) and every Vada Pav stall has Bhajiyas too, you can eat it like that or with the Pav as you like, and you wouldn’t regret it, it was totally on spot and delicious, I couldn’t have asked for better, so here are some pictures of me enjoying this delicious food item and well I hope you enjoy my food story !

Mirchi 🌶 #greenchilli Yum 😊❤️
Look this happy while posing with your Bae ❤️😊
Just being like Hayee ❤️😊🥰
A close up into a Biteful Vada Pav 🍔😊

Hope you enjoy reading this Post, please provide your valuable feedback and this is a no makeup post but still not lazing around wearing causal and just being me, oh yes I am a big Foodie and my love for food knows no Bounds, Thank you ! 💐

Happy Dance pose is a must after an Amazing and Fulfilling Meal ! 🥪😊
Post Originally written and edited and readied on 20th June 2021 🌸

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