Chilli Oil 🌢 : An Original By Amorebyshonadewal

Hello There…….So presenting my very own experimental Homecooked #Amorebyshonadewalrecipe simple Chilli Oil recipe……Hope you enjoy watching and reading the entire Recipe……….up on the blog……

I love pan Asian cuisine and this one has been on my list forever to learn how to make it, I never really enjoyed the packaged ones and wanted to try to make my own authentic version that could be as close to the real one, I did check various videos of different ways of how to make a chilli oil, but I knew I wanted it to match upto my very own taste, after all, it should meet your taste palate too, A perfect Chill Oil makes a whole lot of difference to a warm Dumpling/ Wonton Dish or a Plate full of Noodles or Noodle Soup, honestly it goes with everything and there are various ways to make one, I preferred to keep it spicy, simple and amazingly delicious and added my very own touch to this very ORIGINAL Recipe, it’s not Plagiarised , or copied but my own very take, with spices and condiments out of your kitchen and to add the correct spiciness to the entire recipe by cooking the onion and garlic along with the spices, some spicy chilli flakes and a whole lot of Schezwan pepper corns, with some Chill paste and of course Star anise with Cinnamon Sticks, it’s easy quick and you can store it up for the longest period of time, but mind you it will surely get over quick…….hahahaha

Ingredients :

Chilli flakes

2-3 cloves of Star anise

Schezwan Pepper corns, or the ones you find,

Some Bay leaves,

Some Cinnamon Sticks,

Some Cloves,

Spicy Chilli Paste( according to your taste)

2 large Cups of Oil

1 medium Cup of Soy Sauce according to the consistency

1 Dish Finely Chopped Onion ( I have used the Onion part of the Green Onion, because it will add the spiciness to the Chilli oil, but you can use the red or the yellow onion as per your wish)

1 Dish Finely Chopped Garlic

2 Whole spoons to Powdered Sugar

A Little Lay our for Video 😊
A Large Cup of Soy Sauce and Powdered Sugar 😊

P.S Cooking Hack use an OLD NON-STICK PAN, so it would cook well and won’t Stick and have the required Crips too, remember to not Burn your Onions and condiments, Just wait till the Onion becomes Brown,

While serving the chilli Oil you can add Sugar or Soy Sauce according to your taste, but with my Variation it won’t be necessary and it would turn out just fine,

Hope you enjoyed reading and Watching this entire article and enjoyed this really Simple and classic Recipe of my Own, all Copy rights belong to me here……hahahaha…..but you can surely try this and let me know…..Thank you !! πŸ’

Some homemade Dumplings Drizzled in Chilli Oil, a plate full of Yuminess πŸ₯ŸπŸŒΆ
It goes perfectly with a simple plate of Noodles and a perfect Companion for Wontons πŸ₯ŸπŸœπŸŒΆπŸ˜Š

P.S I originally created this Recipe on 30th May, but waited a while to share it with you guys, hope you enjoy readying it and try your own Version and I also posted a Wonton with Chilli Oil Video on my Instagram though !

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