Dumpling Baby 🥟

Well Hello There……! So here we are again discussing another food post and my eternal love for Dumplings, oh how I love them, these one’s are actually homemade and not one you are going to regret, you people must have already checked out my Chilli Oil recipe and now here is a quick post on my fave pan-Asian dish that I fell in love with, so much to the extend that I wanted to try to make it and man it turned out great, I have followed the work and cooking videos of many chefs and this mind you took many efforts from my end to having to master it,

I preferred watching videos of Marion’s Kitchen and Seonkyounglongest ( if you haven’t checked out their recipes then you are missing a great deal of good food content, they create Korean and Pan Asian Cuisine and I sometimes find watching their simple recipes therapeutic, you can check out their Facebook, Instagram or their YouTube Channel ) and I was left more inspired than ever but I chose to try to variate this recipe as my own, and add my own twist and taste to these classic dishes, well it’s always better if the dish matches your taste and more importantly your palate, so while cooking that’s one or two note that one might want to take,

And some days ago when I created this delicious recipe I was more thankful than ever as I enjoyed every bite of it all, all it required was some dumpling wrappers, some nice stuffing and then ofcourse drizzled with some nice chilli oil, I also tried the Indian and a very popular version of the dumpling called as Momos, Though Momos have a Tibetan origination they are perhaps the most famous street food of all times, and it gets served with nice tang tomato chutney, and man it can make all the right difference,

The vivid idea of enjoying a nice delicious and loving plate of meal is that food can bring instant joy along with a lot of good vibes and specially if you are a foodie you wouldn’t regret a thing, it’s not an imaginary feeling but a more relatable feel of taking enjoy a hot plate of delicacy without burning your mouth, because once you love something you wouldn’t just stop right ?……hahahaha….. same with life I guess, but any kind of addiction is dangerous, and consumption or dedication both should always be monitored in limits and boundaries, that’s the beauty of enjoying a nice peaceful life,

So here are some nice pictures and shots of the deliciousness that I got to enjoy and I am also sharing the video I posted on my Instagram Reels of enjoying the first batch of these dumplings and then ofcourse creating this fusion and confusion at best recipe, they may look the same and taste the same but in different contingents they have different meaning, in my case these Dumplings or Momos are Vegetarian and a whole lot of veggies stuffed in dumplings wrappers can make a difference, though my mom preferred to roll them up in the round shape, the rectangle one’s are my Courtesy, I clearly wanted to have more fun with this amazing Dish, and I enjoyed making them as much as I enjoyed eating them,

Hope you enjoyed reading the post and of course the homely and very real pictures of me being a random dumpling eater, mind you at this moment my life was and kind of falling apart, but still I chose to look at the bright side and kept going with indulging in behaviour and things that actually matter and that one might enjoy, oh how crazy life can get and yet giving up just doesn’t seem to be an option, so thank you for the time you took to ready this post and you can definitely provide me constructive feedback I’ll be happy to receive any, have an amazing Week ahead, Thank You ! 💐

P.S this is a No makeup on my way to Dinner at home post, and my wardrobe is Zara International !

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