Well Hello there ! How have you all been ? Well hope all good, this is basically a MOMENTS and thoughts ORIENTED POST, where it’s better to be clear rather than be delusional and keep believing some magical Theories that doesn’t really matter,

This post is about owing your life and your existence while keeping the aesthetic of your reality alive, I have suffered a lot and been very vocal about that suffering and the past few days my silence bought along many questions from around, while there was a hush rush of those questions they weren’t direct, why though ? The fear of witnessing my WRATH ? Or the subjected callousness of just thinking perhaps that It would make me ANGRY ? Either ways those two emotions can become the subjected change that one didn’t probably hope for !

What I begin to feel here is that a woman can be dragged as far along as one wants as long as you can hit her finances and business’s, well you might feel doesn’t that go for a man too ? Well not really, because as a society we are somehow gamed to understand and fear a woman’s power, it becomes an instant reason of displease and men seem to think they’ll have a better control over her if they can control her finances, men loose a Job, but a woman losing her work can also be altered in being a losing part of her dignity, malicious games get played that way, our very kind generations gone by of powerful women stated that in the past, but now that I have witnessed it first hand I understand, it’s a good thing I have always kept myself financially, emotionally, physically and more importantly mentally independent,

The sexist Community that perhaps comes from the old stone ages may get a SHOCK after reading this article, while I have come to crazy terms with life and understood the reason of witnessing a sadistic reality that perhaps I wouldn’t put up with in the first place, and now I can more affirmatively declare that I DON’T GIVE A DAMM about being a open minded conservative woman who doesn’t exactly think that she needs to agree with a man’s terms, and if I find myself on a negotiating terms with a man, well I hope he enjoys HIS RIDE TO HELL,

This may seem a bit too aggressive, but it’s how a woman feels when she is cornered and forced to do something she doesn’t want to, and we should be kind to even some men in this case who go through this exact behaviour and not spare the one’s indulging in this mental torture behaviour, it’s a good thing we all are Build strong because of the Middle Class Values, but the world is surely a brutal place and the RICH and Powerful and the Nawabs of the society take the CAKE, THE BAKER and THE BAKERY in this department and madness,

Your body, Your Sensuality, Your Sexuality, Your Personality, Should be your power and not something that limits you on a daily basis, we may fight, disagree within ourselves but somewhere we all battle these emotions daily, it’s not what you wear sometimes , sometimes in a world of a male dominated attitude it becomes easy to pull a woman down on a foul trick of CHARACTER ASSASINATION, as the old books go, if you are a TRUE man with true intensions even if a woman is NAKED you would keep your EYES DOWN, it’s all in the upbringing and the ways of your life, and being a independent woman in a world that belittles you it transforms into a lifestyle, so perhaps it’s more about a collective approach rather than just becoming selfish and yet we find ourselves on the shores of life pulling and fighting through the tide to win what’s rightfully ours but not by being unfair but by being fair and just, it’s all like a silver lined cloud, it shows when it’s required, it watches deep from the sky and only appears with strength when the suffering becomes TOO MUCH to tolerate, it’s called life and by no means does it mean to be easy, there will be daily struggles and battles and you’ll come across many who silently will try to cross the line with you, but that’s the thing about being a woman, a woman can carry herself with dignity even when she is SUBJECTED for being wrong when she has been RIGHT all along, the rivers flow far from the east but somehow true power finds its peak, you want it to end daily and yet somehow we find courage to put up with the delusional reality of life, it’s not EASY because IT’S LIFE,

I shot this look in JUNE( 27th June 2021 ) , and man what months JUNE AND JULY HAS BEEN, but still we all have a long way to go and I hope we all can come to TERMS with our reality that we have all been living while some have chosen to go blind eye to these realities, not hoping for a PRINCE CHARMING or a KNIGHT in shining ARMOUR, well because in my case I’ll choose to be the PRINCE, POWER AND THE KING….ALL BY MYSELF !

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it informative and easy to understand what’s wrong with our society image and what can we do to uplift our community collectively, on that note you can LIKE, SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE, and also give CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK, THANK YOU ! 💐

P.S this is a no Makeup look with minimal styling and the wardrobe is ZARA INTERNATIONAL !

Update : Instagram Post Posted explaining the emphasis of Don’t Go This Green ! ( 05-08-2021 ) // From “Go Green” to “ Don’T Go This Green” 💚❌
Confidence is Resistant !
// Well how one must wonder, oh it’s easy it’s what you embrace, somehow the idea of unsaid love is lost on us,the same way the idea of truth is, truth is based on 3 points, your truth, the opposite person’s truth and then the actual truth, and this somehow gives one the power to manipulate the situation as they might want, when I wrote “ Don’T go this green” it’s not a declaration of colour, the colour palate of green ranges from light to dark, it’s the signature colour of our nature too, but like all realities this colour also has its good and it’s bad, “ Don’t go this green emphasise on the importance and tolerance to choose what you agree with and what you don’t , by no means it’s a declaration of the colour, camouflage green belongs to our Forces and well Olive green here that I am wearing is a very honest and easily available green, so well there are many greens and well even your vegetables are green, my take of “ Don’t Go this Green” is a satire on the on going “ Go green” event and somehow it’s my take on how some elements of our society are the darker aspect of the colour green, like jealousy, envy, bad eye and in general disrespectful behaviour, so let’s not reasonate the colour rather just embrace the emerald feeling into our life without having tolerance for the envious Green in our life, it’s as simple as that ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites

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