B’Cause Baby You Are Gold 💰

Well hello there, how have you all been ? hope it’s been all good, I haven’t posted on the blog for a while now, and frankly I have deeply regretted that too, though August has been a hectic month, and for me personally the last one and a half year has been nothing but a testing time, but the last month became a bit more dangerous than usual and things got more real than one could have hoped for, though I kept myself regular on Instagram,

This particular post is to revamp a bit of fashion and style, since I haven’t really been anywhere for a while and I shot this in June 2021 and frankly didn’t get a chance to post it, it’s my take on your regular day blazer, when I decided to add a belt to it, well I have done a blazer look before in 2019( All black look with Pink Fila Sneakers ) , I am posting those images too, but this surely is a another take into a formally casual style, which I choose to not take too seriously,

It’s understated, classic and stylish with a touch of bold pieces and modernity, I thought it would do the apt justice to your regular oversized blazer when you mean business but what if you want to use it more informally, like I don’t like the idea of thinking blazers are only meant for office use, I find that entire idea too much to take, may be it’s just because I like to have a sense of your own aesthetic style, which frankly adds to the overall look and appearance and I like it to be a bit unfinished and more relaxed, because otherwise it looks just too made up,

You can totally pair your blazer with just about anything, if it’s a regular colour well then you can choose your desired style but if it’s more fun and bright colours, then surely choose to have fun with it,

On a social awareness note I would like to say that women’s role in the business world is highly critiqued, we have surely come a long way from the stone ages, but I feel there is a lot that needs to be achieved, the society looks at a woman a certain way and tries to put her in a box that they deem fit for her, which frankly to me is too much to bear, Eventually put up with daily sexist attitude and behaviour patterns which if used on a man he would find it demeaning and threatening to his position in his business structure, but somehow the ball game for women in the business remains entirely different, not only we have to adjust with our family life and live by society limitations but even our work life keeps asking for a certain way and outlook, a man can excel at one and sometimes in fact fail at both work and home, but a woman has to strike a forever balance, and that’s a sad reality of our world,

Photo posted on Instagram on 2nd August 2021 with the caption : // Amore-Chino 🖤🤍
// For an instance we were ready to write the best story and yet somehow we got lost in the unsaid reality of a unpredicted life that probably one did not sign up for and yet we stand at a point where being so close and yet so far apart makes all the right difference that one didn’t hope for, how lovely the story would be if it just got interpreted right in reality and didn’t only make it to scripts, when you see your life written away from the real and on a script or in a skit you just laugh at how probably you lived what you didn’t even choose to ? Right ? How is that for inspiration ? :byshonadewal // #amorebyshonadewalwrites

Going forward with changing times a ahead we must focus on how we don’t try to limit a woman in the made up world of male chauvinist behaviour and rather approach their take with equality, and to not objectify a woman or sexualise her only because we can’t match her strength and work ethic, sadly we live in a male ego bubble and somehow we always find ourselves dealing with men and their irrational egos, for us it’s a conversation or rather than approach, but for them it’s a battle of the sexes and we have to accept the odds and maintain our calm at all times, even when we want to yell, scream and shout,

So I hope you find this article helpful and the views stated are my own and my own take on women empowerment, I feel there is a lot to discover where this reality lies and when it’s business formals it becomes far too uptight and when it’s business casual it becomes far to extreme, somehow it’s all about striking the right balance and maintaining your grace, dignity and your demeanour along with your overall existence,

Posted on Instagram on 8th September 2021 with the caption : // You’re Not Me,But here’s the news update, you don’t have to be, so rather keep up with the Originality Instead !💰
// In our busy lives we can get carried away with all that is happening around us that we start even believing what’s not around us, keeping up with facts should be a priority, never get too carried away with your actions that you can’t redo them in the coming times, permanent damages is too much to tolerate, no one wants to run away from their responsibilities, while assessing someone else’s life see your own situation and take a better look, nobody wants to become a KABIR SINGH ki crazy PREETI and love that sadistic charitable and vulnerable life in reality , and pretend more than required, play a role but don’t start hallucinating and living a ugly reality, keep it limited to only skits and plays, screens, real life functions differently, be KHUSH in life but don’t get carried away by being sensitive, you may be a FOOL but people aren’t, sometimes the judgment isn’t on your actions but on your associations and that is the worst reality to put up with, a DISHAHEEN woman can make foul comments and threats but that’s what they get zeroed up to, fighting a real battle requires strength, it’s easy to sell your dignity but it requires far more courage in order to save it, life and people aren’t kind but somewhere god is the true strength and courage shows up, so keep yourself in check and rather than assessing others actions, assess your own and understand how to keep yourself and your ACTIONS in CHECK ! :byshonadewal // #amorebyshonadewalwrites//

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it fashionably social on a society awareness level, please do like, share and subscribe and you can surely provide constructive healthy feedback , thank you for your time, have an amazing day ahead ! Thank you ! 💐

P.S the black and gold look is shot in June 2021 and the black and Pink sneaker look is Shot in May 2019

Outfit details :

Entire outfit :Zara

Bag : Love Moschino

Sneakers : Fila

Heels : Zara

Sunglasses : Ray Ban

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