Well Well Well……HERE’s to Another Year of AMORE !☀️💗🌕( Though Official Anniversary is on the 13th December….But….🤷🏻‍♀️😉🎉! )

In life we never know what turn it might take and where our life might take us, the last few months did different for me too, I haven’t posted for a while now and I thought it’s finally important to let things known,

Well somehow I found myself on a house arrest because of my voice and write ups of course, from the Start of July and well I thought it would be never ending, I managed the scarcity of food , emotional and financial difficulty and well I didn’t budge, well why should I ? I haven’t done anything wrong and the one’s that are wrong are roaming freely,

Instagram post dated 27th September 2021

On September 29th I finally decided to let the world know what was going on in my life and that has been my truth, through it all I posted content on Instagram in the form of pictures and which I clicked at home and I also posted some blog post fashion content , and of course daily update in the form of my write ups, well why not go about casually like any other day,

Instagram Post Dated 29th September

Here are the screenshots of my complains and I have mentioned the people directly or indirectly responsible, because of them being powerful I could not pull them up judicially but after I had enough I put these complains on Instagram, but then again taking an action isn’t an option available in our strategised government, and well the backing they come up with is too much,

Instagram post dated 1st October 2021

But I chose to post on Instagram rather and let the world know of the chaos in my life, I did it with interval of several days one after the other, and now I am back to my normal life, though 2 days ago I actually got into a physical assault when I finally decided to stepped out after months and was surrounded and had to defend myself against the verbal and emotional harassment which became a physical tussle ( though I never thought I’ll find myself in such a position ), again I mentioned the entire incident on my Instagram along with details and proof, imagine in a time where you have details, proof and still cannot take an action,

Instagram posted dated : 6th October 2021 // These are the Posts I posted about MISS Kangana Ranaut ! ( Posted on stories Dated from 13th September 2021- 6th October 2021 )
// The reason I thought of posting this on my posts today was because I wanted to make it clear that I had enough of this lady’s indirect Jabs and her constant Ranting, for the last 8 months ever since in December I spoke on the farmers matter this lady went crazy, even then she gave a threat of gauging my eyes and breaking my leg, she somehow thought that on the name of a BLIND ITEM she can pass DEROGATORY COMMENTS, I on the other hand didn’t pay any heed to her, she even insulted my Mother and took an indirect jab, and in January when Snowy got admitted she didn’t leave a stone unturned, she somehow made up some REALITY in her own mind, from calling me Draupadi for selling and giving away my Gold because of financial crisis, to actually saying that I should get burned as Sita as I was called the Mother of dragons, on the day Snowy was hospitalised in April 2021 she ranted continuously on TWITTER about his sickness and asked me to BEG for his life again an indirect jab, I still have her posts, months later she still didn’t stop and her brother’s goon started harassing us around our house, and verbal abuses outside my door, to misbehaviour and threats of killing my dogs, I finally took on her after they strategically put me on a house arrest by stoping my WORK, she went ahead and tried to put labels of being a TERRORIST(anti-national)( which she is ) for not supporting her party and standing up for farmers, and then wanted me to deliberately comment on the taliban matter, when I gave a neutral comment she again started to use bad language, now she is finally caught, as you can swipe and see after I outed her intentions, her behaviour, and BLOCKED her PR BOTS, she used the BJP IT CELL AGAINST ME( which again I outed )She now went ahead and BLOCKED ME, so well the STALKER CAT IS FINALLY OUT OF THE BAG ! :byshonadewal ( Swipe to the last slide//

But this ( my experience ) isn’t going to bring me down as the start of this month bought a renewal of my blog and I was able to renew it, which I waited for and I knew there was no other way than renewing it and on DHANTERAS ( an auspicious Diwali day I renewed my blog for the coming year and nothing made me happier than this )

Instagram post Dated : 17th October 2021 // My Befitting reply to Miss Disha Patani & PR ! ( stories Dated : Jan- October 2021 )
// I have been facing issues with miss patani ever since she has been shooting for the movie RADHE and I wrote a very public complain against Salman Khan, I even mentioned the car( Instagram ) which on many occasions was following me and it had Miss patani and her GOOD FRIEND mr Tiger Shroff, again miss patani is very popularly managed by Sohail Khan and his PR company, who were also the producer of RADHE, but her madness with Name calling and PR activity become strangely weird after I mentioned Aditya Thackeray in my police complain which I submitted to the ACP, DCP last year in December, turns out she is his GOOD FRIEND too ? I wondered why am I even putting up with this woman’s stalking ways and her sisters pure filth who is also her manager and claims to be from a Army background, some how this turned into Body shaming and Sexual Objectification and constant Bullying & Harassment, they said they can physically assault me ( for writing about them publicly ) and I should not underestimate their power, obviously I wasn’t going to be the one to tolerate such VAGUE OBSESSIVE BEHAVIOUR, and what I found strange is she behaving like that for SALMAN KHAN, I in turn didn’t hold back and got her PR NONSENSE out in public, from defaming me, to using and capitalising on my name, to getting shallow behaviour to the T, she also turned it into some competitive nonsense,( which is plagiarism) and clearly the Dopey behaviour and her crazy way was known, while she chooses to not say anything in public ( is because she is quite dumb ) she is quite crazy on the field, all I can say is, At all times I keep my distance from these people, but when they resurrect I find the need to answer, and frankly the whole point doesn’t make any sense, but I am not one to take cheap desperate attacks in the name of their MADNESS AND ANXIETY, yes I am on a outing spree lately, it was high time I Address this, and yes I would love to pull this one to court and file a defamation and harassment suit on her too along with stalking and vandalism charges which I have proof of ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewal//

All I want to do is walk towards the future with the idea of love and happiness for my family and I, while taking a lot of me and the experience I lived, yes things have changed too, but I have never felt better, it’s like I have taken strength from the ugly experience of my life and The willingness to not PUT up with the people and their bullshit have become more clear, I always had gratitude and love for food, and frankly even in my darkest hour food did not fail me, I have had people fail me and I live in the middle of threats, but somehow I can’t listen to those people anymore, may be they aren’t there, or perhaps their shameful existence have made me omit their voice, yes my simplicity would require an avant-grande life, but I am going to take a whole of grounded-ness into that too,

Instagram post dated : 9th October 2021

While I want to personally THANK those who have supported and encouraged me through out this Journey and frankly the last few months I saw many making an indirect or direct approach in order to keep me going and that’s when I realised that with so many unknown faces being so kind, why would it even matter if a handful have chosen to be brutal and insensitive ? So I chose to walk the Journey and carry on myself, well because NO ONE IS COMING…..AND IN LIFE YOU SHOULD KNOW TO RESCUE YOURSELF, I learnt that a long time AGO,

Instagram post Dated 9th October 2021 !

P.S THESE ARE screenshots of my Instagram complains and of course with dates and details, and I kept them causal and to the detail and point of understanding, once again I want to sincerely say this THANK YOU for taking the time to read ! 💐🌸🌹🌷🌺🌼🌻

Instagram post dated 11th November 2021

Here’s to


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