Enchantress : A dATe Everyone would Remember 🌸💜🌼

Well hello there, so how have you all been ? Hope all good, so my previous post must have explained your’ll well as to what my current situation is, and frankly i am keeping it quite well together, but here is a recent Instagram post of mine that created quite the stir in the coffee cup, yes yes I have spoken about this on Instagram but about 2 years ago there was a snarky comment about a “bra-less” painting I posed in front of wearing a purple shirt, and well that clearly gave many people the tongue to wag and frankly the entire incident went out of hand to the extent that people didn’t refrain from even creating PR,

Posted on Instagram on the 8th of November 2021 with the Caption // Pin Up, YOU SAY ? or That’s What YOU SEE ? 💛🤷🏻‍♀️💙
influencerwithart #mondayblues #mondayvibes #earlymorningmusings
Posted on Instagram on the 9th November 2021 with the caption // Done ✅ 💛💙🍯
ilovemyinstafeed #afteralongtime
// It’s amazing how much we contemplate and expect and how much remains unsaid between the lines, sometimes the truth is harsh and brutal but it is what it is, it’s better to let your point, anger and displeasure known when someone fails to acknowledge their mistake of riding you through the mud, it’s not the same and the feeling of feeling ridiculous transcends well then, it’s more like a sorry not sorry attitude and your bodily strength and grace along with your work and aesthetic remains, if a man loves his work, so does a woman and when HARRASMENT crosses the line, one must take a stand, it’s not your WORDS that could kill, it’s the REALITY IN THOSE WORDS that becomes too difficult to live by ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites #amorebyshonadewalsocialawareness

A frustrated model even became a part of this show parade knowing very well it didn’t have anything to do with her, but then again it did involve her boyfriend and his shady mouth along with his boy gang comments, and you know how it is right when these girls get rides and living off their boyfriend so very little is left there after,

Posted on Instagram on 8th November 2021 with the caption // 💛💜💙
// It’s like you would want something so much that you might end up creating so much that wasn’t even there in the first place, but it’s fun to come out of a painting, but still not a reality for the one that would truly hope Right ? :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites
P.S I bought this sipper a long time ago ( so I am still using it, even if it’s not environment friendly all of a sudden, but keeping the climate change in mind I am thinking I’ll rather buy Starbucks instead, I would love to have my permanent name on it ! 🤷🏻‍♀️ #justathought #sarcasm
Posted on Instagram on : 8th November 2021 with the caption // I NOODLE you TOO BABY 🍝💜
// It’s weird how normal it’s become to invade in people’s privacy that they forget to even keep up with themselves, like I really don’t need middle aged uncles and aunties lecturing me about Instagram , rather I find it amusing that they somehow feel that they AREN’T crossing the line with me, which is amusing to me, because why limit my posting as a normal content creator or according to my wish ? But then what can one do when some MEN/ WOMEN HAVE GOT THEIR BALLS STUCK somehow ? It’s like a sadistic paradox, they(men) fall in a NATIONAL LEVEL TRASH CAN and then expect you to be completely okay with their shamed character, and want to ignore the shame they have bought to you in return after parading their WHORE , but hey somehow you have to deal with UNEDITED, NON-ANSWERABLE and SHAMEFUL BEHAVIOUR and government oriented issues, because hey it’s a POWER GAME AFTER ALL, last I checked I OWN a blog, I haven’t earned anything since it for the past 2 years, but somehow being a BABY to an OVER GROWN BABY would settle me up ? Like if I wanted that then why would I even put so much effort, and go through so much suffering, and let’s not forget my current financial state, my house arrest, my vandalised home, my brought down dignity, and the fact that my mother and I have got reduced to zero privacy, and the WHORE JOKE IS FAMOUS WORLDWIDE, honey if a MAN WAS FUCKING ME,UNDERSTAND HE WOULDN’T be so fucked up and HIM and his PEOPLE WOULDN’T be so Hostile, so yaa it’s time for some REALITY CHECK ! :byshonadewal #amorebyshonadewalwrites
Posted on Instagram on : 8th November 2021 with the caption // Noodled-Up🍝🍯
// My last Night involved a Whole lot of Greasy home cooked delicious noodles made by me, with some cold drink in a Starbucks sipper and a whole lot of casual Sunday, the only thing missing was the idea and reality of a perfect BAE, which in my case many have already found in their assumption land, what I began to think right about then was, are we so desperate by a woman’s single status that anyone would do as long as we can link up ? Or are we intimidated by a woman who hasn’t shown any man’s existence directly or indirectly ( you know like mention on social media or affiliation in the form of twitter conversation ) that we can use her body to threaten her ? “ like some days back I got a weird threat saying that if I show even the slightest bit of skin I could be Raped ? Like what even ? Everyday I put up with the world where my voice definitely gets heard but the non-existence of a man gets questioned to the extend that I get asked to match up with imaginary guys that probably are more suitable like a perfect hallmark card, the baby buttered blue itself becomes awarding, right now with the current scenes, being a SLEAZE Ball can get YOU AN award, which now sounds more like NATIONAL-SCOUNDREL-AWARD and the ofcourse PADMA-SLEAZE and us mere mortals should even know our place before we match up to some crazy NAWAB or a AMBANI-TATA-BIRLA KE BACCHE ( The Know common Mumbai saying for the RICHFUCKS OF MUMBAI OR RATHER INDIA ) before even ordering a bloody Starbucks, so much has changed and yet so much to be witnessed ! :byshonadewal // #amorebyshonadewalwrites #mondayvibes

Of course to me it was uncomfortable to frankly what life has shown me in the last one year it’s nothing compared to this particular incident, so of course I decided to finally shoot an amazing dinner date night sneaky bra outfit look and frankly I didn’t regret a thing, though I must admit that I quite enjoyed this after a long time feeling in sync with my confidence and sexuality, I mean 2 years ago I had my liberty and now all of a sudden I feel I have actually moved to Saudi ( even though I live in mumbai, and I use to rarely dress like that ) , not that I am advocating this look, but it’s surely nice to be this carefree of the judgements I lived even without doing anything wrong just because a political whore wouldn’t keep her mouth shut, and decided to politically objectify my body knowing very well that she is setting me up for objectification, now that’s what I say cunning ideology along with manipulative move is, but then again I did settle that score very well,

But I want to say this very well that women who cover up for these shady men, like the model and the political whore who came to play coy for wealthy business men and boys are to be blamed too, like how can these women stoop so low just for some “ CHARITABLE BUCKS” I mean what a shameful act, and where young girls are concerned don’t tolerate bad behaviour from anyone, and be confident in your skin regardless of the objectification, I got a Rape threat on Instagram saying that if I show even a little of my skin I would get raped, I posted these pictures and the next day outside my house while I was out for a walk with my mother and my dogs, I had a ugly incident of eve-teasing and bad behaviour where I defended myself and didn’t just give up and protected the well being of me and my family on my own, by giving a TIGHT SLAP, I should have done that long ago and even given that political whore a slap who wanted me to CRY ? Like grow up, imagine in this day and age there are people like her, what an insult to her existence altogether , so no one is coming you have to defend yourself so you better do that, the world out there is quite shady little darling and you’ll need to first buckle up your own courage before expecting these men to behave ,

These are the original post with date and when in 2020 (15th May 2020) I posted the picture and even a year later I was harassed, and then this year in January (18th January ) before my birthday I chose to address this issue head on, and well now almost a year later it’s floating so instead of throwing in the towel I decide to wrap it ACORSS their neck ( it’s a satire, no need to get literal )
Posted on Instagram on 11Th November 2021 // the incident that happened with me a day later when I was out and about that too after 6 months !

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and if you are wondering about the look then it’s just a simple singlet top with a lacy bra paired with some very comfortable torn jeans while I enjoyed a dinner night at home, cooked by me of course, yes a lot of my food content will also be on the way, till then take care ! Thank you ! 💐💕

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