Reflecting Ideas of Last week….💕

Posted on Instagram on with the caption : 20th November 2021 // A Faded Reality…..🕊❄️
Or an Absolute Fantasy…..🍁
……..To be Continued 🍂
………..P.S I Hope Not 🐚……….

Well hello there….. So how have you all been ? Hope all is well with you all, well I definitely made a promise to be more active and post more on my blog, as I am inching closer to completing 2 years of my blog, I thought to change things up a bit, I have always chosen to mix my write up and views with fashion, whether it’s my view of the day, my musings or rather my opinion, I have always made it known, and frankly I have also gained recognition for the same, not on a big level, but a good enough level for it to matter,

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Posted on Instagram on : 20th November 2021 // Saturday Morning Decoded ❄️
Posted on Instagram on 21st November 2021 : // Intrigued //

So this week I changed things up a bit on my Instagram with my write ups and now I am posting them individually rather than posting them with my pictures, so well there is now fashion, style, makeup, cooking, daily routine, wellness, and of course my write ups too, whether it’s your day to day life or what surrounds our surrounding and our day to day experiences , it’s all there, and I am not too eager for it to become an immediate hit, but I would appreciate some appreciation ( which I receive so things are good *touchwood* ),

Posted on Instagram on 21st November 2021 : A Gift ! to all those struggling To Make Peace With Their Past………
Posted on Instagram on 22nd November 2021 : Glow Up !
Posted on Instagram on 22nd November // Defiant 🍁 To the one’s Wondering what it feels like to be torn apart ……….

I also posted my glam pictures this week, well I finally decided to apply some makeup, get ready, ( as if you have been following me you would know that I haven’t applied make up for over a year now ) but frankly it’s off to a good start, and good enough for it to make me happy, what I begin to think, when you are in my position and you live a life so public, somehow people get the impression that they can have an opinion on everything about your life, it’s frustrating but I am surely use to it, so it’s a mixed review and positive experience,

Posted on Instagram on 24th November 2021 : Shimmed and shine !
Posted on Instagram on 23rd November 2021 : Manipulative Deficit ! 🕊
Posted on Instagram on 24th November 2021 : Keep It Simple ! 🐚

I have also activated Instagram Ad just now so that I can reach a wider audience, I just thought it was time I got serious about the business aspect of Instagram, I cannot just keep using it as a TateL Tale guide, while I shot for some amazing images and also posted them for the famous Black Friday sale( this week(Sephora look ) ), as to doing my Instagram bit as a influencer, somehow I welcomed some very strange reaction, exactly what did people think ? Am I suppose to be running your country or flying a rocket ship ? No right ? I have always been in love with my blog and frankly I am so glad to express so much about it, I use Instagram as a add-on and an extension of my blog amore itself, and frankly I couldn’t have made it more clearer,

Posted on Instagram 24th of November 2021 : Auto-Correct 🖌
Posted on Instagram 24th November 2021 // A reality waiting to happen
Posted on Instagram 25th November 2021 : straight up !

On that note here are some mix and match of the images of the days gone by (I.e last week ) and I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and find it helpful if you are looking to stay positive and do what’s right for you, my blog, my life and my outlook is all about that,

Posted on Instagram on 26th November 2021 : 6Am Glee !
Posted on Instagram on 26th November 2021 : Reflect Growth ☮️
Posted on Instagram on 27th November 2021 : it’s a Saturday kind of state of mind !
Posted on Instagram on 27th November 2021 : mechanics of manipulation !

Hope you liked my post, please do feel free to like, comment and follow, you can also provide me constructive feedback , I would appreciate it ! Thank You ! 💐

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