Perceptive Deception : A Week Gone By ! 🤷🏻‍♀️

Posted on Instagram on the 1st of December 2021 with the caption : Hello There ! 👋🏻💕🌸🌲🎄🌹⭐️💫❤️
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Well hello there ! How have you all been ? Hope all is well and good, well it’s finally DECEMBER the best time of the year and I am sure you have got an update on the new variant of the virus ( talk about a bummer ) and here we thought that things were getting fine, while with me things have been quite alright, just the usual, oh wait I did have a massive level controversy, commando level to be exact, you guys must have remembered when I mentioned about the commando post I had posted on the series of complains I posted here on Instagram, imagine they now have dragged that entire matter and kept calling political shots on the same, talk about irony, the main villain and the cruella in them MISS RUNOUT ( yes that’s what everyone fondly choose to call her) was just out and keeps entertaining with her conspiracy theory and comparing herself and calculating made up scenarios at best on the behest of someone else’s understanding,

Posted on Instagram on 28th November 2021 : with the caption : To all those who were contemplating and finding themselves in a mix of emotions understanding where to draw the line…….
Posted on Instagram 30th of November 2021 with the caption : awake 🌸🌼 #artmimicslife nobodywantstobelikeyou #everyonewantstobethebest #iwantedtobemyself #youchosetobewrong #nowweareeven #iratherrunoutthanberunout #makeyourchoicewisely #dontcomebarkingatmydoor #idontenjoyyourkink #itssexualharassmentseasonagain
thisisrunoutmirrorstyle #whenyouwanteveryonetobeyou #atleastknowtherealyou #runoutnationallevelstyle
Posted on Instagram on 30th November 2021 with the caption : to all those wondering on those dark days to rather swim along with the tide of drown in the sea of emotions……
Posted on Instagram on 4th December 2021 with the caption : So Dark it is to Even Imitate the Dark, Imagine Living in it and being a QUEEN of the DARK 💛🖤 #artmimicslife
// The kind of world she imagines is where fire blossoms each day and then she looks beyond all things beautiful with the desire to burn every bit of it,
for the forsaken reality of her shattered dreams she looks with a wide eye of wonder to make sure she creates an ugly reality of the simple world,
she has mastered the art of camouflage,
and within the dark of the world when she spots a wonderous light all she wants to do is burn it to ashes,
when she was asked why would she choose to be so terrible and a reality so unforsaken ? She said because she is the QUEEN,
and only she can be the MOST POWERFUL, even if it requires bloodshed,
or crashing someone down to smithereens,
or stealing an identity of another,
she was willing to do it all,
because well she wanted to be the QUEEN AGNI,
who didn’t want to control her TEJAS,
in fact was sure that this made her look DHAAKAD enough to re-incarnate herself as MANIKARNIKA OF HER OWN IMAGINATION RUNOUT so that she could create a better world of her own GANDHI ! :byshonadewal //
Posted on Instagram on 4th December 2021

With all that kept aside in a world where personal security, cyber security, online snooping, data stealing, don’t be surprised if someone even chooses to steal your identity, hey I have had these wanna be actors do that for a long time, just because you seem to have a name and an established bought accomplishment, doesn’t mean you can steal from others, somehow these so called rich and actually desperately famous people start to think that they can play their ploy and create and act characters even in real life, I mean most of these actors are real life actors, but pretending to be someone else and taking credit for someone else’s work ? That’s a bit much,

Posted on Instagram on 29th of November 2021 with the caption Slap with it !🐬 #youneverknow
Posted on Instagram on 30th November 2021 with the caption : all hail the tube-light light !// to all those who are wondering if and how to answer to unreasonable situations in your life, specially when they are of criminal origination……….
Posted ( and incident occurred on )Instagram on 30th of Instagram with the caption : Swipe to See What’s Going on………
It’s amazing how we can file several complains and get no result in our country,
The cops can show up at your door for a complain after 6 months( till that time the individual would be dead,
The government allows goons to have a chair and pull money out of the innocent,
The last two years have shown us a pandemic,
But can your day to day life be manipulated for political or personal enmity ?
I believe not,
Today was on another level when to handle a Adani matter they have sent a commando, now imagine who the terrorist here is,
As usual I am sure excuses will be ready,
But then again who is even counting,
This is what happens when you give free funding to the one’s that you back and in return their ego becomes to large for their heads,
Seems like putting our faith out in the open and bringing people to justice is going to cost a lot more than just Gandhi Ji, but I am sure it will still work,
Irony has taken center stage, and the centre is missing a stage !
amorebyshonadewalwrites #harrasment #withproof #factscheck #thisafternoon

Imagine as a starlet only bringing damage to people’s life and getting hate for it along with damage but then still taking credit for someone else’s work, I have witnessed that first hand, imagine getting someone else to do the job ( when you haven’t hired them and you can’t even hire them ) for you by violating them and threatening them only to label them as terrorist just because you think you can, that doesn’t mean you should, I wouldn’t let anyone get away with something like that at all,

Posted on Instagram on 29th November 2021 with the caption : redemption or karmic cycle ? ☯️// To all those who somehow wondering and questioning if their criminals would ever answer for their crimes…….
Posted on Instagram on 3rd December 2021 with the caption : portraits of love………Baby 💕❄️

So my last week has been all about putting these missing pieces together and guess what that pissed a lot of people out and also bought the electricity drama and shocks I was receiving at home to light, don’t worry to some it’s like an episodic drama and a series of my suffering, but I look at it as the best investment of my time ever, because imagine what will happen to these guys when the entire truth will be out,

Posted on Instagram on 2nd December 2021 with the caption : Baby it’s cold outside ❄️…….
Posted on Instagram on 3rd December 2021 with the caption : Sending lots of love 💕
Posted on Instagram on 3rd December 2021 : with the caption : Saturday musings 🌸❄️ // To all those wondering if they probably made the right decision or chose the correct path ………!
Posted on Instagram on 3rd December 2021 with the caption : portraits of love…….baby 💕❄️

Yes I know some say it’s an effort to harm your life, so doesn’t that mean they are trying to kill you? No I don’t think so, it’s more like they want to threaten me ( and the likes of me who basically speak against the rich and the so called powerful ) because well you and your truth has become trouble some for them, in return these runts only have the “you have gone crazy” drama, but while I have proof to show, all they got is WORDS which doesn’t even match up to their actions, so all in all, it’s a REALITY AT BEST, but imagine the only difference is I am Living it and the only reason I am sharing it is, because I think I should, after all I have given so many complains up until now,

Posted on Instagram on 4th December 2021 with the caption : know. Stupid. Known 🌸 // To all those trying to understand whether should they be knowing it all or would not knowing make them look stupid………

So hope you enjoyed reading this article which also includes a winter look since mumbai became chillier and mind you I am not regretting the weather at all, I mean rains in December and now it’s a proper winter in years and don’t feel sorry for me, only wish strength for me and my family and the will to manage things well, well because life can get challenging from time to time, but we shouldn’t loose hope, and never give up, no matter what, that’s what my motto is ! So I hope you wish me courage and I wish you all happiness and lots of good wishes as it’s December and it’s all about the glee that matters ! THANK YOU ! 💐

P.S here is a collection of my this week’s look and write up along with my simple yet elegant winter fashion post, along with an inspired look from a life is a starlet led into the dark, hope you like the post, Thank you ! ( the white look is without makeup and the black sweater look is with make up )

I posted this video on Instagram with my post on the 30th of November, I am again posting it here “ in Hindi I am asking him as to why are they creating a scene and what with the commando and why not handle the matter according to their government laws and court issues ?” ( to which he replied that he wanted the key and I just refused to open the door for them because any fool who is educated would know that this action is clearly illegal and is a proof of what these people Have come to!”

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