Baby We are 2 Years old now……..WITH a whole lot of PINK AND WHITE / WHITE AND PINK 💕🌸🌷🌟

Looking at you like…..we have come a long way……❤️
Just smile and blush….since you are wearing pink, looking pink and are winter cozy ready with whole lot of happy festive vibe ! 💕🌸🌷🌹❄️

Hello there, AMOREBYSHONADEWAL has officially completed 2 whole years today and like any other epic story it’s not been an easy journey, I know people view a blog as a reality undone, in ways that a blog gets considered and titled just like any other influencer, but AMORE wanted to do more than just being an influencer, 2 years of not running after endorsements, and creating amore for the genuine content it was suppose to be, it’s as REAL as it can get, the BLOG, INSTAGRAM page and a lot more……..

So here we are ! Ho……Ho………Ho……❤️
Yes Looking at You like ❤️

I am going to share an entire recap of my this year, it’s not been a good year for me personally and I have been very vocal about it, I even posted of my harassment, my financial struggles, and different kind of issues that we face as a society, I have been very vocal about issues concerning human rights and I didn’t budge even after many many threats, one must be wondering why ? Well because I always knew that somehow and in someway if you can ever do and help someone then you surely should, the idea of one living in dictatorship is nonsense, and the power of individuality plays a key role in such scenarios and somehow that becomes more important than necessary,

Yes that’s me and our very sweet little Christmas tree 🌲🎄❄️❤️
You did bring a smile on my face….❤️🌹🌷
It’s winter season officially and I am Happy ! ❄️🌲🎄

My goal for future would surely be to give Amore the most amazing meaning of love and humanity along with adding a great vibe of undone and unsaid romance and my take on how and where life takes me, after all that’s the best one can sign up for, for now all I can say is I am so immensely grateful for the love I have received and the happiness I have found within even after witnessing such dark moments of my life, my mother has been my constant support, she is practically what encourages AMORE and frankly it’s a strength that’s kept it together, thank you for giving my write up’s the appreciation and acknowledgement that was needed and more importantly respect my PRIVACY and understanding my need to keep my growth and my Instagram followers organic, though I would surely want to reach more people and touch more life’s for sure, but for now I can say that I am HAPPY and AMORE COULDN’T have asked for a better 2nd year, I mean what could be better than writing your story and letting the world into your own chaotic world, where some appreciate and some don’t, and those who don’t I really don’t care about it because then again it’s not like they are living it so what’s the point !

Just gazing and finding my Star…….
My word…. and Feelings…
Oh sometimes it’s good to have some Monochrome Grey in your life, you wouldn’t regret it, for all you know it would Save You ! 💕






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